Good Deal or Not? Bay Window Edition


This house is located at 1318 Girard Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Wonderful two unit semi-detached townhouse 2BR, 2.5BA plus den, great for your home buyer, or investor! Rent out the lower level self-contained unit with seperate entrances. Large yard has deck and patio. 2 Car parking! Walk to Metro, shops, Tivoli! Easy to show. A great house with many awesome features. Have friends, family members, the nanny or a renter live in the separate 1BR, 1BA apartment”

More info and photos found here.

Well, I’m a sucker for bay windows and vestibules and this one has both… It looks like the kitchen and bathrooms may need some updating but otherwise it seems like a pretty good looking house. Does the asking price of $615,000 seem reasonable? If not what’s a more realistic price?

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  • love love the house. but this is what. 5 houses from all the shootings at 14th and girard?

  • Ha, cause lots of families in Columbia Heights have nannies. Sheesh.

  • Location, location, location (kills this place).

    Personally, I think that’s a bit much to live next to the epicenter of violent crime in CH, no matter how close to Metro and DCUSA it is.

  • POP how could you fail to note that this is right down the street from Dunkin Donuts?

  • Put 50k into kitchen and bathrooms, move this two blocks north or south, and it easily sells for 750. That being said, location is what it is and a lot of folks would not live there at any price, making this a tough sell despite the ridiculously good price per square foot (and two parking spaces to boot!).

  • Looks okay, but not great. and I echo all of the above about location. I don’t think you could drop the price low enough to make me want to live there. Move it 2 blocks north and you might have a deal.

  • The comps show that a house two blocks east @ Girard/Georgia just sold for $487k. Which seems more realistic, especially given the history on this particular block.

  • yeah dunkin donuts is delicious

  • That’s a shame. Though I respect them for not trying to sell it for more than they paid for it. You might be able to rent it out for a decent price, but no one in their right mind would drop $600k to live on that block.

  • Why do you say “kitchen and bath need updating”? What exactly are your basic standard living requirements here in DC 2009?

  • Too pricey for me, don’t know how they justify it. Craptastic!

  • Move it one block east and it would be better. The 11 & 1200 block of Girard is really nice. BUT, really, most of the 14th & Girard trouble is on the other side of 14th Street. We’ll see what happens with the renovated park.

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