What’s Going On With Kelsey Gardens?


I seem to remember reading something about this huge area being redeveloped but I just noticed that all the windows were boarded up. Anyone know the story here? These apartments cover a huge area of 7th Street near M. Are these going to become mixed income condos?


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  • I don’t know the details, but I’ve heard they will be torn down – not remodeled. A friend who lives in Shaw has dealt for a long time with the crime that came with living nearby this place – let’s just say she’s not sad to see it go.

  • Great question…last I heard it was on schedule to get torn down this spring/summer ’09 and then Metropolitan Development was building a multi-story residential building named Addison Square on the site…see DC Mud here…http://dcmud.blogspot.com/2008/08/shaw-housing-project-gets-rebirth.html

    No idea how the economic crisis has affected the developer’s plans but would love to hear from anyone in the know…the place looks pretty much empty at this point…

  • Last I heard, it was being held up partly because of regular developer/planning concerns and partly because there were still a couple current residents who had yet to move out?

  • I know a bunchy of people from nearby Sursum Corda… apparently the tall brick building is even NEWER than Sursum Corda and was destroyed by residents, e.g. tearing out the drywall in between apartments or between apartment and public hallway.

    Oh my gosh — how do people care so little?

  • I used to live on 8th and P and my landlord when I lived there told me that there is a bit of a gun-fight going on between the residents on the east side of 8th street and the developers who will be tearing the 7th and P apartments down. Reason being: the demolition/construction plans currently will require the rear alley between 8th and 7th to be completely blocked, thus forcing many of those residents to lose access to yards/garage access/trash removal/etc. So I think those residents want that to be rectified before anything else commences. I say: just sell your car and forget about it, but I understand why some would be concerned.

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