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The Day The Earth Stood Still 1951, originally uploaded by JamesAlec.

“Since you often talk about Columbia Heights in your blog, i thought you might find it interesting that the 1951 version of “The day the earth stood still” takes place in Columbia Heights.

The spacemen stays at a bed and breakfast. When the army approached this address, the spacemen escaped in a taxi. once the army realized their mistake, the officer got on the radio and said that the spacemen was in a taxi heading north on 14th st from Harvard. Also there is a 14th st nw street sign so its the right quadrant. unfortunately, 14th st ends in a ‘T” w/ Harvard so its fake, but still cool.”

Now I’m going to have to go rent it!  What do you think is the best DC based film?

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  • I have no choice but to go with “Mars Attacks”, since the Mars Attacks house is at the end of my block.

  • The Exorcist! you should also ask for DC-based TV shows. NCIS and Bones are very cool.

  • I love that Syriana takes place in the neighborhood. One of the main characters lives on 12th, south of Florida, and the movie has a scene where he is jogging by Cardozo (and shows the great view).

  • Being There

  • That is so cool, I totally need to re-see the Day the Earth Stood Still.

    While it takes place mostly in New York, I always get a kick when Igby Goes Down is in Georgetown. Though I agree with AngryParakeet, Being There is pretty solid.

  • When you rewatch The Day the Earth Stood Still, pay attention to the radio dispatches on the “chase” scene. They take an impossible route, it’s almost as bad as the Georgetown Metro station in No Way Out, which was still one of my favorite DC movies.

    I was watching Bones last season and was surprised to see that Cleveland Park had palm trees and mountains in the distance.

  • Burn After Reading

  • @ AngryParakeet- Agreed, by a long shot!

  • No no no… Bones, at least, is a terrible DC show. I never recognize anything except the stock footage (helicopter views of the Washington Monument) and they do really stupid stuff, geographically. Like the time someone was buried alive, and running out of air, and the team figured out in the Jeffersonian lab WITH MINTUES TO SPARE that the victim was buried in somewhere out past Dulles. So they cowboy up in the SUV, and arrive in Middleburg or something in time to save the poor unfortunate. Bones uses the “24” school of character relocation: wherever the main guy needs to be for maximum dramatic effect, at whatever hour, *poof*, there he is.

  • My other favorite (in the sense of being laughable) Hollywood-DC moment is in The American President.

    Michael Douglas: You’re late. What’s up?
    Annette Bening: (laughs, embarrassed) Oh, I got stuck on Dupont Circle again.
    Michael Douglas: Dupont Circle? What were you doing up on the Hill?

  • I flipped out when I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still, b/c where I formerly lived on Harvard Street would have been the neighboring house to the address given (if it actually existed).

    I really enjoyed when they played that movie for Screen on the Green. It was pretty sweet sitting on the Mall and watching aliens attack the Capitol and Washington Monument.

    And I know this is pretty cheesy, but I do enjoy the scene in Wedding Crashers when they are drinking on the Lincoln. Wish I could do that.

  • D.C. Cab, of course!

  • I second the vote for DC Cab!

  • Oh yes, Being There…another vote for that one. There’s a great shot of Chance walking down the middle of North Cap.

  • I just watched Being There with Peter Sellers – from the late 70s. Peter Sellers plays a man who has lived inside his entire life and all he knows of the outside world is what he’s seen on TV. His name is Chance and he works as the gardener in an old house – I assumed somewhere in Georgetown b/c from the inside and the garden it all looks pretty posh.

    But one day the old man who owns the house dies, and Chance has to leave….the scene where leaves the house for the first time is priceless. From outside the house you can see the neighborhood is totally bombed out, homeless people by bonfires on the street, and all the other houses in the neighborhood boarded up (where filmed? not sure but maybe south end of Shaw near downtown – – I wonder if it ever really looked that bad?!?). He walks through downtown and it’s full of adult movie theaters (those are for real – but all disappeared by the late 80s/early 90s). Well, thankfully he gets “rescued” by getting hit by a car – occupied by a wealthy business man’s wife (played by Shirley Maclaine). She takes him to her house – the Biltmore Estate, which apparently (haha) is just outside DC. Then…

    Here’s a trailer of the movie – a scene at the end shows Peter Sellers walking up the tiny brick median on North Capitol St towards the Capitol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYLy1Yj_P_Q

  • Being There!!!

  • Legally Blond 2: Red, White and Blonde!!!

  • Mr. Smith goes to Washington, cheeeeze-tastic patriotism at it’s cold-war mccarthy era film industry best.

  • Breach – Based on the true story, FBI upstart Eric O’Neill enters into a power game with his boss, Robert Hanssen, an agent who was ultimately convicted of selling secrets to the Soviet Union.

  • Not a movie but I got a kick out of knowing all the places in Fall Out 3.

  • My favorite D.C. based film? That amateur porn flick that my wife and I made.

  • @ Jackie – Fall Out 3 has consumed my life as of late. I’ve yet to make it to Rock Creek Park but I’ll be looking for my house and probably the derby when I do.

  • All the President’s Men

  • re Being There – the segment in which Chance is walking in the “bombed out” area of DC: that was shot on the block of 9th and M-L, across from Modern Liquor and the new Convention Center. Very swanky condos on the site now.

  • Never seen it, but I’m assuming “Death of a President” was mostly DC based.

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