Brightwood Living visits the Georgia Ave Thrift Store


There’s something for everyone but eventually, it all winds up in a place like this.

In today’s economy, thrift stores make a lot of sense, and in the middle of all of the random bits of other people’s lives, there are often some real steals and surprising treasures. It’s usually hit or miss in here, so your best bet is to go as often as possible because you never know what might have been dropped off yesterday, today, or in the last hour.

The Georgia Avenue Thrift Store Center is a decent-sized store (with parking), located on Georgia Avenue in Brightwood, just north of Missouri Ave.

You can find clothes, electronics, furniture, what appear to be old wedding gifts still in their in original boxes and apparently stored in someone’s basement for 10 (or 20 or 30) years, and things that may actually make you go hmm?

Books are a bargain at $1 each and on any given day, among the self-help titles from the 70’s, there are plenty of current hardcovers and paperbacks and pleasant finds like classic cookbooks (food never goes out of style), or maybe the old Time-Life fix-it series (the economy’s bad, time to learn to do it yourself).


Their kitchen accessories are my personal favorite — I really love the spice rack I picked up there for a few bucks a while back that goes perfectly in our (unintentionally) retro kitchen. Continues after the jump.

When it comes time to get your life streamlined, just clean out your closets and put your old stuff in the bin located just inside the door. Items like furniture and electronics have go through an inspection (we once had a couch rejected because of a small rip!), but they’ll take just about anything that works and is in decent shape.

You don’t get paid for what you bring in, but you can do what our neighbor does and use the store as kind of a home furnishing/clothing recycling center that lets you keep your house and wardrobe updated for cheap, without piling up more clutter.

If you’re trying to save a few bucks, or maybe just want to find something different than what’s available in the chain stores, make sure to put the Georgia Avenue Thrift store on your list of regular places to check out.

It’s fun to just browse — you never know what you’ll find at this funky little shop on the ‘Nue.

6101 Georgia Ave. NW
Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 11-7

Brightwood Living


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  • Wow, the photos used make the place look larger than what it really is!

    Been there a few times, and while it’s small and the employees aren’t much help, I’ve found great things there.

  • I have bought a ton of books from this thrift store as well as the goodwill on S Dakota. My roommate and I love to hit up the thrift store for all kinds of treasures and things we can refurbish into one of a kind home decour or gifts. Every now and then we will stumble upon an amzing find! Christopher found a giant white porcelean rooster that I saw in William and Sonma months later and I found a lovely glass serving plate that looks like a giant kiwi for 6.00 that later I saw they sell it and others plates with different fruit and flowers for 30.00+ in a boutique near U street.

  • I recently dropped of two huge loads of stuff (since I am moving)

    They would not help me at all, I fill both of their baskets

  • We must have donated half the basement contents to GA Thrift, but we’ve also found some bargains. the best part is that unlike most thrift stores, things are fairly well sorted and organized, and often the prices are marked down of an already cheapo price.

  • I had sex in that place. highschool was a grand time. oh to be young again

  • Does anyone know if they have a good selection of baby/kids clothes? I refuse to pay retail for something that will last a month or two!

  • Does anyone know who owns GA Ave Thrift? Does it benefit a specific organization?

  • The recycling aspect is very appealing. I’m going to take a look this weekend.

  • It’s run by AMVETS so presumably the proceeds go to military veterans. I donated a carload of stuff to them last year and they were very helpful in helping me unload. You just have to go to the dock in the back to find someone.

  • The store is run by the AmVets organization out of Baltimore. You can drop things off, but unfortunately they won’t pick up in zip codes 20011 or 20012. They have an excellent selection of kids clothes, as well as clothes for the whole family. I buy about 85 percent of my work wardrobe there, nice name brand castoffs. I’ve found it’s not a good place to buy vintage clothing as most is soiled or damaged, but once in a while I score a great 60s coat. The place gets very busy on the weekend. And there are no changing rooms, so you have to guess at size and fit or try it on at the community mirror. I’ve been a thrift store shopper for about 30 years and this is one of the best. I use it as a kind of clothing rental boutique: buy it cheap, wear it for a season, give it back.

  • I live around the corner from there and have never been in. Now that its on PoP I must…

  • Does anyone know anything about the Antiques store that is on Georgia Ave, just south of Looking Glass?

  • Absolutely love the book selection at GATS. I’ve also had some items made by a local designer with stuff I picked up there, and ran across an extremely high end leather item about a year ago that was confirmed authentic… You never know what you might find. Things are so cheap you can get it, try at home, and take it back or pass it along.

  • Thanks Thrifty Neighbor and Anonymous! I’ve donated a ton of stuff there, but wondered who I was supporting (obviously not enough to actually ask someone there, but since the topic popped up here today….. ).

    To anyone looking to clean out their closets, this is a convenient option with the parking and they leave big bins right inside the front door. You can just drop your stuff in there and be in and out. I’ve been told that they will give you a receipt if you ask.

  • I love Value Village on University Blvd. in Adelphi near Ledo’s. It’s a huge building, which used to be a Toys R Us back in the day. Value Village, as I’ve posted here before, is a great source for absolutely everything. They sell kitchen ware, clothes for men, women and children, even babies, sheets, towels, appliances, books and even shoes. I bought over a 100 books, nothing more than $2.00 at the very, very most, for a library in my classroom to suplement what DCPS gives us. They have clean stuffed animals that I have in a play area in my classroom, plus so mnay other things. I don’t think that there’s one room in my house that doesn’t have stuff in it from Value Village and you wouldn’t know from looking at it. Besides it being like going on a treasure hunt, if you feel that desire to go shopping, go there. It’s far less damaging than going to a mall.

  • I go there often but usually to drop off. it’s a very packed store.

  • Love this place. When I have the itch to buy I often head here so I won’t do much damage. I’ve gotten some great pants there – banana republic and other good brands. Not everything fits just right when I get it home but that’s okay because I’ve usually spent under $10 on the whole trip anyway – so if I get one good pair of pants out of 4 it’s still a bargain.

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