Sweet Old Signs – MD edition

Golden Bull Liquor, originally uploaded by Suse_dc.


A reader sent in this beauty.

She writes:

“I spotted a great one this weekend…perhaps out of the PoP reading area (Adelphi, MD), but worth a visit!”


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  • That’s a definite classic. I grew up with that. Once i even went to the restaurant it advertises, a buffet, it was not memorable.

  • Vonstallin

    4 some reason i want a good thick steak…hmmmm

  • I snapped this photo while I was on my way from my sister’s church in Adelphi. BTW, driving out Riggs Rd, it’s like development stopped in 1960 and there’s a wealth of old school everything. Then I also started passing old farmhouses, stone mills and streams, and giant fields and then realized I was still inside the beltway…strange given the solid march of suburbia and shopping everywhere else inside the beltway and beyond. Riggs Road – the road that time forgot.

    Anyway, I loved the Golden Bull and had to take his photo. I can’t believe that’s he’s still there actually – seems like he’s begging to get stolen!

  • It’s interesting because even though the poster said it feels like time stopped in the 1960s out there, if you look at the majority of the beers being advertised on special: Corona, Modela, Pacifico, I think that reflects the changing demographics of the burbs.

  • Man, that and Tic Toc liquors were the GO TO spots for university of maryland students. I remember going there to buy beers and then stopping by Popeye’s for chicken.

  • Definetely time stopped, but it was the 70s when I was at the University of Maryland. Tic Toc was the place to go to get beer (back then they didn’t card as much as now) and the Golden Bull was a half decent suburban restaurant. Good point about time not stopping, as that area now is chock a block with fresh across the border types, especially Tic Toc, and I don’t mean the Canadian border. Corona, Modelo, Pilsener and Pacífico are definetely the beers of choice and not by the Terps crowd.

  • to anonymous, i’m sure they still stock the Beast and Natty Ice for the terps crowd – beer pong and flip cup ready!

  • Vonstallin

    LOL @ “” Colonel K Says: “” post….
    all true tho….
    I dont drink…much…but whenever i had a late night chickaroonie i would hit tic toc up to make the night go by a little…..ezier!

  • I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve done the Golden Bull + Popeye’s thing before Maryland football games.

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