Judging Homes


I’ve never seen home with a roof quite like this. I think it looks awesome. I was so glad to see the sign saying it was part of a campaign to “save America’s treasures”. Cool to know that it’s got some history behind it as well being the former home of Mary Church Terrell – the first African American female school board member in America and Robert Terrell – the first African American municipal judge in DC.


So what do you think, do you dig the home?

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  • Just a guess PoP, but it looks like one-half of a semi-detached structure… and it appears the other half wasn’t American Treasur-ry enough to escape.

  • I am sure the other half of this house must have burned or collapsed…

  • Found this online: The Mary Church Terrell House, built circa 1894 as a duplex structure, is a wood frame house, with brick front exterior walls, that occupies a 2,390 square foot lot. The property’s physical integrity is currently threatened because of its exposure to the weather through openings in the roof and windows, which permit water to enter the building that resulted in rotted out floors, damaged walls that have undermined the building’s stability. The earlier demolition of the other half of the structure duplex as a result of a fire, also threatens the building with potential collapse.

    It’s being renovated now

  • She was Anna J. Cooper’s neighbor. I’ll bet it was a pretty interesting place to be around back in the day (not that it isn’t now!)

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