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What do people think of Teaism? While I find it a little pricey, I do really enjoy the food and I find the atmosphere very pleasant. What do you think? Any regulars out there? Any haters?

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  • If I’m over in Penn Quarter, I make a point to have lunch at Teaism (overlooking the Koi pond, if possible). The portions are generous and I like the range of food choices they have. I’ve only been to the Dupont location a couple of times.

  • I prefer the Penn Quarter location vastly to the Dupont one (there’s more room and free internet). It is a little pricey, but it’s pretty good and slightly different.

  • I definitely think it’s too pricey, but it’s just so tasty. I’ve never been to the Penn Quarter location, but Dupont is slightly lacking in ambiance. Though it’s nice to sit out in front when the weather permits.

  • I used to live near the Dupont one, and I loved it. A really wonderful place.

  • pricey indeed. i prefer penn quarter, as dupont can be a little, well, snug…

  • def the pq location… and…worth the extra pennies….

  • I find Teaism to be overrated and the food bland. There’s a lack of salt and spice in their dishes that I dont’ quite like. I don’t like how they don’t toast the seaweed in their bento boxes and find their bubble tea to be blah. I have tried both the Penn Quarter and Dupont locations. Perhaps I am going on off days or my taste palate is different. But, I can understand the charm of some places and would recommend that people visit and form their own opinions of the place.

  • Every time I go there, nothing on their menu appeals to me.

  • I’ve been a Teaism lover since they first open. I most typically go to the Penn Quarter location because of the extra seating. Their bento boxes are yummy, sweet green tea is refreshing, and when you’re sick, try the world peace tea, it’s very soothing.

  • Always a hit with out of town guests and I love the french toast (amazing) and the eggs with cilantro. I have never even bothered with anything else on the menu.

  • I agree with Jess that nothing really appeals to me. But I have tried three dishes: some sesame noodle thing, some goat/sheep cheese sandwich, and the lentil soup, and they were so gross they were inedible. And they cost an arm and a leg.

  • Actually, now that I think about it, the lentil soup wasn’t gross, just completely tasteless. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything so bland.

  • I’ve only had one kind of bubble tea there – it was good, but a little sweet. Do they have others? Any fans?

  • They threw me out years ago when I brought in a cup of coffee. Elitist crap.

  • Chocolate Salty Oat cookies and Moroccan Mint Green Iced Tea… mmm..

  • I frequent the Penn Quarter location and I am a fan. I have had a few dishes (which I get all of the time) that are excellent each time I order. Compared to other restaurants Downtown the pricing is good. The only problem, the lines are always very long.

  • Salty Oat Cookies! nom nom nom!

  • The Green Iced Tea is like the best thing on a hot day! 🙂

  • years ago they did Iced Chai which I loved, but I haven’t been back in 5 years due to the price. Haven’t bought coffee at starbucks in that time either. I can buy a fresh smoothie for $5, but that’s it for me and expensive drinks. It’s a great concept though.

  • I once had someone who grew up in India tell me that Teaism’s chai tea is the closest thing he found in DC to the chai he remembered from his childhood. I like the chai, but I had the bubble tea once and the tapioca balls were all smushed together in a glob at the bottom and rather gross. I suspect the food there is hit or miss, there is probably something there for everyone but it takes some trial and error.

  • A random restaurant question of my own: if you order something in a restaurant, say the lentil soup, and it’s so bland as to be inedible, or just otherwise not good, what’s proper protocol? Can you send back a dish if you think it’s poorly prepared? Even if there’s nothing “wrong” with it, and they insist that all their other customers like it that way?

  • Breakfast there is Teastic!!!

  • Their Morroccan Mint Tea is absolutely wonderful, I have a cup every morning before work!

  • I like this place. I like the laid back atmosphere and I like tea. In fact, I buy it in bulk here. I’m sure I could get the same stuff for a tenth or less of the price at a chinese grocery but I’m lazy. Some of the food is indeed bland and unimpressive but some is quite good. I have found the staff to be very kind.

  • It’s okay. I feel like some of the roast veggies in the bento box are more then a day old sometimes, and it’s a lot of money for what you’re getting. That said, I do go there and enjoy it. Last time I was at the Penn Quarter one, my friend was totally drenched when a koi decided to practice it’s SeaWorld routine.

  • Query,

    A restaurant should offer something else if you truly dislike a dish. Especially a sit down restaurant. They want you to come back and they want you to be happy with everything because this means you will come back and also recommend it to friends. Grant it if you’ve eaten most of the soup for example, they shouldn’t do anything seeing as you liked it enough to eat it all. But if after a few bites you aren’t satisfied with the quality then say something along the lines of “Hi, I’ve heard great things about this place but honestly I am disappointed in this particular dish and would like to know what you can do to make sure my experience here is a pleasant one.”
    If it is actually a good place, they’ll do something. If its a bad place they won’t do anything and honestly, if they can’t make you happy then you’re either a extremely picky person or that place isn’t worth it anyway.

  • I’m a fan and also prefer the Penn Quarter location. I also don’t find it too pricey.

  • overpriced, bland food. it’s all about having your nose in the air over “having tea.”

  • Curry chiken or tempeh – great! Everyrhingbis over-priced but the teas are really flavorful.

  • *everything is

  • it’s ok. the clientelle are a bunch of posers.

    order and take your goods elsewhere.

    unless, of course, you like to observe douchebags in action.

    them’s my two cents…

  • I find the food next door at Cafe Nora to be bland as well. Anyone concur?

  • The Curry chicken salad is my favorite. it’s not bland by any measure – in fact it’s got more flavors than I can identify. Very yum and I recommend the folks who’ve had bland experiences try it. And I’ll also vote for the Salty Oats (addictive!) and the Moroccan Mint Tea.

    Penn Quarter has more seating. I feel like you have to be a pixie to sit and eat in Dupont… just too cramped.

    It’s definitely a keeper – DC could use more quirky food joints that don’t easily fit into a genre. Altho pricey, it’s not been priced out of the range of tourists or folks looking for a fun late lunch after a morning on the Mall. the Penn Quarter one is close enough to walk to after wandering around on the Mall.

  • salty oat cookies. my favourite sometimes food.

  • I think it’s tremendous. But the one in Dupont is a victim of it’s own success–it’s always too crowded to enjoy it. I prefer Teaism-Penn Quarter, with the downstairs room usually having tables available, with a koi pond to enjoy….

  • I like to enjoy a salty oat cookie outside at the Dupont Circle location. I always offer some crumbs to the little sparrows that gather around to stare me down with those beady little eyes.

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