Now, It’s Just Going Too Far

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7 Eleven jumping on the Obama band wagon to sell cups of coffee? Is it just me or is that insane? I suppose it’s possible they have McCain coffee cups as well but c’mon. This seems a little over the top. But I guess if it helps sell coffee… Well, what do you think, is this ridiculous or simply good marketing?

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  • I think they do also have McCain cups:

    Although I bet in DC there is an excess of McCain cups and a shortage of Obama cups.

  • They have been doing this promotion for the last 3 elections and tallying the results (which have correctly prediction all 3, BTW). Shameless promotion, but what do you expect?

  • didn’t Krispy Kreme do a similar thing with donuts?

  • And the scum of the earth throws it on the streets and lawns, no matter what the cup says..

  • Yea, I think it was been scary accurate the last few elections (right up to the slim margin of victory).

  • According to the site, in the 2000 7-election, the W cup outsold Gore by 1%. In 2004, they tracked identically with published national election results at 51% to 49%

    Current results have Obama 60 and McCain 40%, with Obama winning in all states where they have 7-11s except New Hampshire and North Carolina, where it’s tied 50-50.

    Of course, they don’t have 7-11s in a lot of traditionally red states, apparently.

  • I don’t think this is the type of promotion that the Obama campaign would want – discarded cups littering the streets and lawns, that is. Didn’t McDonald’s do a promotion a long time ago asking people not to litter with their bags and wrappers?

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