Nichole Visits Parker Flats Condos in LeDroit Park

Parker Flats

PoP asked me to check out a wine and cheese open house that the new Parker Flats (or Schoolhouse Lofts, as the new management company is calling them) in LeDroit Park (such a really, really great neighborhood) hosted last week. In reality, it was more of a self-guided tour to check out available condo units in the building, and conspicuously absent from the event until I was walking out was the aforementioned wine and cheese. Prices ranged from $244,900 for a 555 sq. ft. studio to $439,900 for a 1,200 sq. ft. 2 bedroom/2 bathroom. You can see more photos here. (If you can get the page to load – I could not.) The property is under new management, and is now being handled by Urban Land Company. They said there was information on their website, but again, I was unsuccessful at locating any information. The condos were very DC “luxury” condo-like, and perfectly fine if you like that sort of thing. The 1 BR/1 BA on the third floor would only be good if you were under 6 ft or so, as the bedroom ceiling was short and slanted. (Sadly, my camera batteries died before I could snap any pictures of this unit; the rest all look the same, so the below should be representative.)


Anyone else check out this place located at 2035 2ND ST, NW?  Do those prices seem reasonable?  What’s the scoop on LeDroit Park?

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  • I’ve walked past them many times- best neighborhood that the majority of DC residents have never been. LP will be nicer than Gtown eventually. I love the Parker flats because they maintain high quality and the architectural integrity of the neighborhood, while including a fantastic example of adaptive reuse.

  • i live across the street and watched them build these – was incredibly impressed with how professionally the renovation was done. I think they downgraded some of the fixtures towards the end but originally the renovation work was engineered to be much higher end condos (they were at one point advertising them in the $600K range) so the overall quality of the renovation is much nicer than you would expect at the current pricing.

    I’ve been in Ledroit Park on 2nd street for 6 years now and absolutely love it. Some of the units in the original school building are amazingly cool with original features. Highly recommend this place!!

  • The housing stock around there is lovely, but the Elm/V/W street area between 2nd and 4th is really terrible (shootings, assaults, etc). I don’t see Ledroit Park becoming nicer than Georgetown anytime soon. These condos are certainly beautiful, but they are in the wrong location to support those prices. If I’m not mistaken, they are only 50% sold after two years.

  • I too have been in the neighborhood for about 6 years and can confirm Eric’s report about the construction.

    The Gage School is actually located in Bloomingdale (2nd street is the dividing line — LeDroit to the west, Bloomingdale to the east).

    There are some really awesome things going on in the area. Timor Market is great, as is the Big Bear Cafe, and farmer’s market has a great atmosphere. Crispus Attucks park is a secret gem. The LeDroit Park market is cool, and Simon the proprietor is planning to open a pizza place across the street from the school (although he’s been saying that for a while now and its still not open). The guys who own the Vernada restaurant at 11th and P are in the process of obtaining a liquor license for a place they’re calling “Baracki” at First and T St.

    People tend to be friendlier in this neighborhood , than in other the DC neighborhoods I’ve lived in (Capitol Hill, DuPont Circle, Glover Park). It’s not unusual to get a wave, a hello, or at least a nod when you meet someone on the street. I know and talk to most of my immediate neighbors.

  • To JM’s point, there is a specific safety concern associated with the public housing between 2nd and 4th up by W street in particular, however the block that Parker Flats is on is quite safe. You have secured garage parking as well. However, it’s certainly not Bethesda, so you do need to be conscious of your surroundings if you’re walking around after dark to the north of here.

    They have not been on the market for two years – they were originally slated to open in 2006 but were subject to the typical construction delays and were only completed in the spring. The Flagler Street piece of the development was put on the market earlier – I think they have been on sale for a year.

    I’d advise anyone considering this to go to the Timor Market on 2nd and Rhode Island in the evening and talk to Kim the proprietor about the neighborhood, and check out Big Bear as well.

  • also I can heartily echo Jake’s comment about friendliness – this is the friendliest neighborhood in DC. Extremely diverse too, and not in the b.s. way the DC schools are diverse (99% african american /= “diverse”) or the way bethesda is diverse (wealthy people of all races /= “diverse”).

  • “The Gage School is actually located in Bloomingdale (2nd street is the dividing line — LeDroit to the west, Bloomingdale to the east).”

    Actually, the legal subdivision for LeDroit Park and the customary one of Bloomingdale overlap. It is correct to call what is north of Rhode Island from North Cap West to 2nd St either B’dale or LeDroit.

    I sure hope we don’t turn into Georgetown. What excites me about the neighborhood is the sense of community that others mentioned, the independent businesses that have individual personalities, and the significant architectural stock.

    Very close to the Gage School is the Anna J. Cooper house, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was recently restored (and I believe filmed for ‘This Old House’) by Brian Brown as a residence for his family.

  • This is near Howard U, right? It’d be nice if that university managed to have a positive influence on these blocks.

  • I believe Howard used to own the Gage School building at one point. I’m not sure if they were partners in this deal or not.

  • hey hipchickindc — I totally agree with you that there is some overlap in the neighborhood names, and I should have mentione dthat in my email above. The deed to our house says LeDroit is the “legal subdivision”, even though we’re on the east side of Second Street. I was thinking more of the fact that the border of the LeDroit Park Historic district is second street, as is the boundaries of the LeDroit Park Civic Assoc., and the Bloomingdale Civic Assoc. You probably know all that already, but I guess I kind of nerd out on this kind of stuff.

    As for the comment about Howard, there are some big positives and some negatives. I find the Howard students to be a big positive to the neighborhood. As the homecoming parade went through the neighborhood last week, I really enjoyed the sense of comradery. I haven’t noticed any of the typical “town vs. gown” problems I’ve seen in other college neighborhoods. The Howard kids are much better neighbors than I was at that age.

    As for the school itself, they don’t do a very good job of maintaining their properties, and have purchased a number of properties in the neighborhood that have become nuisances. Eventually they get around to doing something with them, but often not for a very long time. This was before my time, but they contributed greatly to the slum and blight of the neighborhood in the 80s and 90s by buying up properties and allowing them to sit vacant. They, along with other partners, renovated and sold many of these in the late 90s.

  • Are the housing projects around there set to be redeveloped? They are immediately adjacent to Howard, so I am surprised that Howard hasn’t partnered with the city to do a Park Morton-like redevelopment.

  • “You probably know all that already, but I guess I kind of nerd out on this kind of stuff.”

    Ha! I only know that already because I nerd out about it too.

  • SG — many of the buildings have been emptied out, and I heard rumors that they were going to be renovated and refilled with Section 8 rentals. I don’t know whether that’s going to happen or not. If it’s true, its a huge wasted opportunity for Howard and the Housing Authority.

  • If Howard developed the buildings and put Section 8 there, they would be filling the buildings with people that would eventually rob and/or kill their students.

    On the other hand, black institutions like churches and universities feel a need to keep the community from gentrifying as a sort of thumb in the eye to the gentrifiers. Even if many of the benefits accrue to the long time residents. In that light, I would be disappointed if Howard developed a Section 8 complex, but not surprised.

  • I’ve just always wondered why Howard has literally the opposite effect on its neighborhood compared to every other large university in DC (G-town, AU, GWU, even UDC!). Do they have some strange ownership structure whereby they don’t own their land and thus can’t borrow against it? Just wondering…

  • most of howard’s properties have already been sold to a variety of developers. this was mostly a problem in the 90s. I don’t think they own any rowhouses anymore.

    the original idea was to buy up ledroit park so they coudl knock it down and expand the campus; they decided to push in the other direction to that huge parking lot on georgia avenue by the bookstore and starbucks.

  • youdontknowme – those other schools are much further west. bottom line is their areas are affluent already.

    similarly, gallaudet has not had much impact on trinidad.

  • I live in the Gage and I can tell you that after living all over the city this is by far the best place I have lived. My condo (a 2 bed/2 bath) was priced far below any of the “trendy” places I looked at all over Mt. Vernon, Logan, DuPont, AdMo, and CoHi. And frankly my place is about twice as large as anything I looked at in those areas. True the fixtures and some of the finishes aren’t “TOP SHELF” but seriously any new homeowner is going to spend the first few years in their new place adding lighting, new faucets, back splashes, and doing personal improvments. So I am glad that they “downgraded” as Eric mentioned above. As far as I am concerned that kept the costs down and allowed me to get into a huge place that is nothing like you can find anywhere in the city.

    I have exposed Brick in my bedrooms, 14 foot ceilings with exposed loft style duct work, 10 ft tall Palladium Windows, and a fenced in courtyard for my dogs which is almost impossible to find anywhere in the city.

    There is a new sales company and I am sure they have some exciting stuff going on to help sell some more units. The neighborhood is super, Howard University has a constant administrative and police patrol presence in the neighborhood and aside from the usual stuff that happens in our fair city, I have never felt at all in danger and I take my dogs out often at night for their evening walks.

    If you are on the fence, stop on by and take a tour. You will be thrilled that you did!!!

  • “If Howard developed the buildings and put Section 8 there, they would be filling the buildings with people that would eventually rob and/or kill their students.”

    Yes because everyone knows that the only people who live in Section 8 rentals are thieves and murders. No such thing as a hardworking, honest, Section 8 renter, right?

  • SG — I can’t speak for the others, but I don’t think anyone is saying that ALL Section 8 tenants are bad. In my experience, most are decent people.

    But it’s undeniable that the project bordered by 2nd, 4th, V and W is the locus of almost all the violent crime in the neighborhood. I personally witnessed a man open fire with a semi-automatic on a group of people there two years ago.

    It’s a very serious problem.

  • This is an intersting thread to read since I have been thinking about eventually buying a house in LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale. I saw a great place on 2nd and V St, and was also concerned by the crime problems on V and W ST NW. As someone who doesn’t know the neighborhood all that well, would you say living at 2nd and V ST is relatively safe? I don’t own a car and mostly walk, Metro, and bike, so neighborhood safety is really important to me.

    Thanks for the help!

  • “If Howard developed the buildings and put Section 8 there, they would be filling the buildings with people that would eventually rob and/or kill their students.”

    I bet that you’re one of those individuals who wonder why D.C. natives hate gentrification. I guess all those poor black folks can just go back to Africa, or go live on the moon or something. Anywhere but your neighborhood, right?

  • Mark — I hope you move to the neighborhood, it’s a great place. As discussed above, you’ll want to stay away from the Kelly Miller project area, bordered by V, W, 4th and 2nd streets. Aside from that location, you’ll find that the neighborhood is as safe as any other east of the park , NW DC neighborhood. If anything, Howard U’s security presence makes it safer.

  • I actually just bought a house on the 300 block of Elm and I can’t wait to move to LeDroit–we have a bit of work to do, so it’ll be a few more months. We’ve been living in Columbia Heights for almost 3 years and I have to say I feel much safer in LeDroit than CH, if only because it does feel more “neighborly” and quiet. It’s probably just my own Southern, small town preferences, but there ya go. Elm has had some muggings, but in general, I’ve never felt uncomfortable hanging out on the stoop or walking from either the U street or the Shaw Metro. In fact, the other day we were taking care of some weeds at the front of the house and there was a bunch of loud, angry yelling (it turned out to be Howard students arguing about gentrification as a positive economic improvement option for neighborhoods, go fig.) and 3 or 4 of my neighbors came out of the house to see what the ruckus was. Sure, a mugging or such might happen ’cause Elm is near the V-W housing block, or in LeDroit anywhere, but if it the neighborhood were really horrible, people would just expect it and not wonder what the heck was going on when these kids passed by. Again, perhaps it’s my own silly naieve sensibilities, but it made me feel very happy buying in LeDroit. My parents were also convinced when they visited last weekend and we saw the Howard Homecoming. Apparently, my mom is a fool for drumlines. 🙂

  • Welcome to the ‘hood, Lizzie!

  • well, regardless of what you “can” call things, 99% of people don’t call the area between 2nd and north cap. “ledroit”, they call in bloomingdale.

  • i should have ended that with “they call it bloomingdale”

  • My husband and I are considering a unit on the ground floor of the building (part of the Gage school complex, if you will) on 2nd and V. We are specifically interested in this unit because it has a side enterance; thus convenient for our 2 dogs (one large and one medium, both weary of strangers). This post has been extremely helpful; however, I am wondering if any of you have insignt concerning safety…considering it’s a ground unit with a separate enterance…for 2nd and V. We love the building and the neighborhood, but I am a little concerned about safety.

    We have driven through the neighborhood during day and night and haven’t come across anything of concern, but some insight from potential neighbors would be great.


  • jminow: there is public housing a couple blocks away that has a history of some crime. it pops up now and then, but it isn’t like it’s a war zone. i’d say it’s pretty safe, but YMMV. it totally depends on your definition.

  • Am single female looking at potentially renting for a short stay. Love the idea of Ledroit. But will be working late and am concerned about coming home late on the bus and walking to the house. Am city savvy. But that cuts both ways. Safe for the single woman? What says ye all?

  • I’m looking at homes in this area for first time home buying. I have viewed a few on 1st/New York and other along P street.

    I currently live in Rosslyn, and to be honest, I feel safe all hours. I run to my gym at 10pm at night, and have never felt uncomfortable walking home alone at 1am.

    Am I in for a shock? My boyfriend (soon to be fiance) and I are looking to buy our first home together, and there are alot of bank owned properties that seemed to good to be true. Unless that really is the case.

    Any feedback about the neighborhood and which streets to avoid or look at is very appreciated!

  • my wife and I have lived in the neighborhood for 9 years on 300 block of T street. The neighborhood has changed much in the time we’ve been there, nearly all for the better. We are active in the civic association and have been working with neighbors to continue improvements. I’m currently president and she is heading up public safetly committee. In the last 3 years in response to some unacceptable crime issues, the community came together, addressed the issues working with MPD, our councilmember and the two ANC commissioners. The reality is that LeDroit Park is part of a sometimes violent city. Compared to other neighborhoods (Shaw, Petworth, Columbia Heights, N. Cap Mainstreets). I consider bloomingdale to be very similar to LeDroit, except that it is bigger and is row after row of houses, where LeDroit Park seems to have a more defined neighborhood with central zones (circle at 3rd and T, school at 3rd and elm, Howard on NW end, Hospital on the west, stores at 4th and T and soon at 2nd and V) I don’t think there is any question that it is safe and a great place to live.

    Soon it will be even better… the Gage Eckington School between Elm and V between 2nd and 3rd ish, will be demolished starting in June 09 to make way for a community park that will open in June 2010. The community association, ANCs, residents of Kelly Miller and residents of bloomingdale have been active in the resuse of the school building… long story but a park is coming. See here fore more details:

    Hope to have many excited new neighbors. come out to the Civic Association Meetings (4th Tues of every month at 7pm) at the Fla Ave Baptist Church.


  • I just bought a 2-bedroom in the Gage School. While I had a friend that lived in LeDroit and visited several times, I have not spent a significant amount of time in the area so am looking for forward to getting to know the area better.

    Was please to find out about the new park that will be started this fall. Any other developments planned in area? I’ve read their may be some redevelopments over along North Capitol, anyone know anything about that?

    Look forward to joining the neighborhood,

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