Hipchickindc Gets Her Wallet Stolen and Questions Her Liberal Leanings

“I know people who have been held up at gun point. I was not. My wallet was stolen in an instant of stupidity and distraction.

Most Sundays you’ll either find me showing property or holding an Open House. This past Sunday was an Open House day at one of my listings on Capitol Hill. It was a beautiful Fall day, so the traffic was good. Several of the teenagers from around the neighborhood came through early in the afternoon. It’s a really nice house and they were curious. Around 4pm I was starting to turn off lights and close up and one of the girls came back with a friend. I also had a woman stop through around the same time. Since I was closing up, I had moved my purse from the closet and had it in a corner with some other stuff. I stepped back into the kitchen to show the woman the parking out back. In the two minutes it took to return to the living room, the girls were out of there and my purse was a lot lighter than it had been.  Story continues after the jump.

The first thing I did was call my bank and shut off my account. I went outside and found a couple of the other kids who had been by earlier in the day, and I asked them to please look out for the wallet. It didn’t even occur to me to report the incident to the police until I called my manager, who immediately asked me if I had called 911. I guess I had been thinking there wasn’t much they could do.

The police came by and took the information and gave me a case number. I’m still not sure there is much they can do, but I felt a little better after talking to them.

I don’t usually carry much cash beyond lunch and parking money, but, of course, I happened to have a hundred dollar bill that was meant to go toward my daughter’s school uniforms. Before I was able to cancel my credit cards, the thief took her friends out for a $31. dinner at Subway.

A well meaning friend said to me, “maybe she was hungry and needed the meal.” Unfortunately, that thought does little to alleviate the feeling of having been violated, coupled with the major pain in the ass of replacing everything that was in there.

It also makes me feel really sad. I wanted to give the girls the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe my wallet fell out when it was in the car or something, but the Subway charge verified that it had indeed been stolen. When I told another friend, he said, “kind of makes you want to move to Bethesda, doesn’t it?”

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  • That blows. I’ve had my wallet stolen before and I know it sucks.

    One idea: if they used your card at Subway they are likely on Subways’ CCTV feed. If you really wanted to pursue this, you could go to the Subway where the card was used and asked to see the video feed from the time when the card was used. Chances are their faces are on tape. Get a print-out of the photo and take it to those girls in your neighborhood – perhaps they know them?

    I have very very little tolerance for crime like this so I would pursue the criminals…

  • right cause some snot nosed bethesda kid wouldnt swipe your wallet if not just for shits and giggles. pah. I am FROM bethesda and WAS a snot nosed bethesda kid and can tell you the only difference might have been that the charge would be for a case of natty light or some CDs at borders. at least in this case the perps got a dinner that probably beats most they usually have. And yeah robberies are up and muggings are up thats what 8 years of republican leadership get you. the poor and marginalized and desperate lashing out for a peice of the pie. lets all question our liberal leanings. thats the answer. MCCAIN 08

  • Anon, you’re wrong. It’s just the sad state of certain (most?) youth. They know it’s wrong, but do it anyways. Lack of common decency and civilization isn’t a question of poverty, but know one wants to say it. Especially apologists like YOU.

  • It is a sad state of some youth and not all, but the depressing part to me is that it reflects back onto the good kids too.

  • damn hipchick. i’m sorry that happened.

  • Thanks, Sean. See, if I had planned to go to the Arts Meeting you told me about, I would have been out of there on time and it wouldn’t have happened.

    Anon1, thanks for the suggestion about the security feed.

  • were they black?

  • if they weren’t black would you be questioning your liberal leanings?

  • meg, they were, but I’m not sure why people keep asking me that. (Several people have).

  • I suspect that my asking is in some way related to anonymous’ question. Would your actions have been the same if they were white? By that I mean, would you have indulged them as much as you seem to have done?

    What do you think they got out of the experience of watching you show a home? What was it that you hoped they got from watching you show a home? I ask these question because I doubt that you would have indulged white teenagers as you indulged these black teenagers while you were doing your job. I take that back. I don’t know you, so I certainly am wrong to make assumption about your motives. However, I find it strange–perhaps this is what you mean by “liberal leanings”–that you would allow them to hang around while you were in the midst of earning a living.

    All that being said, you didn’t deserve to have your wallet stolen. My sympathies.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ed. note: The title including “Liberal Leanings” were my words.

  • Meg, it’s a Fair Housing issue. I can’t let some people come inside, but not others. It wasn’t a matter of indulging them.

    PoP came up with the title for this piece, although I can’t say it’s not fitting. It doesn’t mean for me that I’m questioning whether I’m voting for Obama or McCain.

  • First let me say, having your wallet stolen absolutely sucks. It’s a terrible inconvenience and I’m sorry to hear of it happening to a friend, even if we are just Internet friends.

    The title of this post gives me pause, though, and I don’t know if it was you or PoP who came up with it. I think I have a different take-away from Meg. By *no means* am I making excuses for these kids. But in framing it like the crime caused you to “question your liberal leanings,” it’s making me think that’s another way of saying “I thought these black kids were okay, but I should have known better than to trust black kids.” Maybe it’s just the use of the term “liberal leanings,” and maybe that’s why people are asking about it here. If they had been white teens, would this crime have caused you to question your “liberal leanings,” or would you have just thought “damn, I shouldn’t have left my wallet out” but not let it cause you to rethink a fundamental worldview?

    Anyway, I’m sure I’m overthinking this. They did the wrong thing, not you. And “maybe they were hungry and needed the meal” would not make me feel better. If they were hungry, maybe they could have asked for some money.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Just to be 100% clear the title including “liberal leanings” are my words. Perhaps I should have chosen differently.

  • I gotcha. We cross posted, and I’m overthinking. 🙂

  • S’ok.

    I’ve recently experienced a couple of other incidents, in addition to this, that made my friend make the “makes you think about moving to Bethesda” crack.

  • I had my wallet stolen from a gym locker room in Tenleytown and in less than an hour the little craps had charged about 1200 dollars worth of Ralph Lauren clothes to my accounts. The cops never followed up by going to the stores where the charges were made, even though they claimed they would. You’re on your own with this shit in DC. HipchickinDc should just thank her fucking lucky stars these little punks didn’t have a car that could drive them to Georgetown where they could’ve done some real damage to her credit cards.

  • I believe the law says that you owny need to show the property to potential buyers. I would say that probably excludes any and all teenagers.

  • Though not my words, I would posit that “liberal leanings” refers to the sometimes misguided notion often adopted by liberals that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to do good. I happen to be a cynical liberal myself.

  • anon1- along those same lines, definitely some white guilt in play here…

  • The D.C. homebuyer credit was signed into law last Saturday, October 2008, as part of the bailout bill. It extends the $5000 credit through the end of 2009. However, one cannot claim both the $7500 Federal FTHB Credit and the $5000 D.C. FTHB Credit.

    Text of the amendment to the bill can be found on page 293, line 8 of the bill.

  • Anon1, thanks for the info on the DC $5000. credit. I haven’t even heard that yet from our DC lobbyist. It’s important because even though you can only use either one or the other credit, one may make more sense than the other. (this was in response to a comment I made on a previous post, but thanks for bringing to my attention here.)

    I’m not going to defend my business practices and frankly, I’m feeling a bit attacked for getting my wallet stolen already. Perhaps people could talk about experiences they’ve had in the city that have challenged their own sense of safety and well being.

  • Well, last night I was sitting on the Metro headed home when the guy sitting next to me started masturbating. That challenged my sense of safety and security, in addition to infuriating me.

  • whats that saying..’a liberal is just a conservative who hasnt been attacked yet’? i feel for you hipchick, and while i have not been mugged, i can honestly say that a little over a year in dc has done more to move me towards the conservative republican side than 22 years in a rural southern town ever did… i never really had to deal with feeling guilty OR victimized there because noone else was playing the victim/oppresser role either. what is it about dc that turns everyone into either an antagonist or an apologist?

  • Over the weekend my cousin and I were attacked in Eckington. We were walking to his car and this black guy with half braided hair asked for cig. We didn’t give him one. Then he asked for our wallets. We didn’t give it to him. He didn’t have a gun so he then proceeded to say (he was about 20 feet behind us) “Oh yous theenk I’m kid’n?” over and over. So he picked up a brick and said he was going to throw it at us. Well, we didn’t wait to find out and we got in the car and drove off FAST! His friend was behind just laughing and there were teenagers up the block playing street football while all this was happening. No one came to help two white fags. I have no sympathy for the people who live in this city who are poor. I don’t make a lot of money and I qualify to housing assistance but you don’t see me accepting it. My taxes pay for these a-holes to survive while I work hard everyday to do the right thing.

  • No need to question liberal leanings. Suppose your wallet was stolen just because someone wanted to do something bad, it doesn’t mean that we should stop investing in education, reform, rehab, and economic equality. Too many people have the impression that liberalism is about just saying “oh well” and making excuses for bad behavior. Well, its not.

  • hipchickindc, that really sucks about your wallet! I actually think about how much it would suck to have mine stolen all the time. I rarely have more than 5.00 in my wallet but cancelling, replacing, and waiting for replacement cards would be a pain. Not to mention I doubt I could remember what all was in the wallet to begin with! Oh and I really like my wallet too.

    Worse than that, the complete feeling of helplessness and frustration and the terrible feeling of being the victim of something you yourself would never do to someone else.

    hopefully the police do check the feed from Subway and catch those kids. Sorry you had to go through this and sorry that people did jump your shit on here.

  • Without a doubt living in DC makes me routinely question my liberal stance. For all the statistics I read about institutionalized racism and as much I know about history I still simply cannot in my mind justify the actions that people in this city take. There is simply no excuse for a lot of the shit that goes down here. I drives me up wall sometimes when I find myself falling into a pattern of thought that if someone else told me about I’d call out as racist. But you can only be almost be mugged/assaulted/harassed so many times before you learn to expect the worst from people.

  • ouch your a pickle, you need to learn your history, read a book, find out why the things the way they are today, it’s not that simple. You probably have had great schooling and a family to help you through your ruff times. Not everyone has those opprotunities, especially when this world tells you are nothing. Yeah our social welfare system only perpetuates poverity, but it does help a hella lotta people out. Not all people on the welfare system are taking advantage of the system and want to be on welfare all their lives… get outta your box and talk to people who aren’t like you!

  • Sorry to hear about your wallet, hipchick! That sucks, and I can imagine how this would make you feel sad.

  • @Ouch I don’t think its really fair to give the Pickle person such a hard time considering the two classes “working poor” and those on wellfare make the same amount of money, only the “working poor” are out there every day working to make the same amount of money as if they just gave up and accepted wellfare. It sounds like Pickle is one of the “working poor” and is it really fair that they are out their busting tail so they can hold their head up high, while they are stuck in a place that is hard to break out of they have to also carry those who many (not all) are unwilling to do for themselves?

  • Petworthian, I totally missed your comment before. I am very grateful I was able to take action quickly. I agree that it could have been a lot worse.

    My daughter is biracial and this incident has led to a few interesting conversations. She’s been in the car with me twice when someone on the other end of the line asked if the thieves were black.

    For perspective, having my wallet stolen was on the heels of this:

  • I just need to blow up some steam…

    On another note the police response was swift. So I’m very happy with that. And by the way, my parents are not well off. My mother is a widow in rural Maryland who survives on social security. I don’t have anyone to help me or a trust fund. I help myself. I grew up with 5 other siblings. We didn’t have a lot and we didn’t have all of the programs that DC offers to the poor. I didn’t have a playground, after school programs (couldn’t go to them anyway because my Mom didn’t drive), baseball fields and basketball courts.

    What do you mean get out of my box? I live in friggin Eckington in NE DC. I am out of my box. I talk to my neighbors and some of them are very nice. But they are part of the problem. Their children are just plain evil. They smoke weed on my front steps, throw their garbage in my yard, sit on my car and leave scratches, and call me racist/bigoted names that would embarass George Carlin. They mugged a friend who was coming to visit me and they broke into my car but didn’t steal anything (what was the point?).

  • pickle, it was sucky what happened and there is no excuse for the behavior. I live in Eckington also but on the NW side (which people more often call ‘Bloomingdale’).

  • You know what? There’s a time and a place to tell someone to “study up on their history” and “get out of their box” or whatever, and after they just told you that they were victimized is NOT the right time.

    And I should take my own advice, I know. But at least I prefaced and ended my comments with what I think is the most important thing, which is that nothing is an “excuse” for stealing someone else’s wallet. And sorry, if I’m getting mugged or harassed or whatever, I’m not going to be all “oh, wait, you’re probably hitting me in the head with that brick because of historic inequities manifesting themselves in current problems. Sorry I exist! Here, take all my money.” That’s just bull.

    I also think there’s a danger in expanding some problems to fit a whole group, like “black people” or “poor people.” Most of whom, I would reckon, are not criminals. I’ve said here before that just because the poor/dysfunctional population in this city happens to be predominantly black, people look at dysfunction and say that it’s a “black thing.” If we lived in a place where the poor/dysfunctional population was predominantly white, maybe there’d be a different mindset about the “face” of crime.

    But nothing is an excuse for harassment and thievery. Those kids knew better, the guys who harassed Pickle knew better. You don’t have to be a liberal or a conservative to know that.

  • I love living here though and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I just wish our city would grow a set of balls and enact some real legislation that fight simple crimes like loitering and trespassing. That would help out a lot. Did you know that if someone is sitting on your stoop that it is ok? It’s only a problem when they enter your home without authority to do so.

  • I posted this on the wrong thread earlier:

    The deal with crime is that is happens everywhere and just because you move doesn’t mean it can’t happen in Bethesda.

    I grew up in a tiny town in Kansas, at least, 85% white.

    Our house was broken into at least twice. The first time they only got dirty laundry the second time they cleaned us out even taking the bedspreads off the beds. Funny thing about that one is we obviously knew the person because about a year later my class ring showed up on the door knob of my grandma’s house.

    My car was broken into at least two times. I also had shoes stolen out of my locker in highschool. My parent’s store was broken into numerous times. A house that was about 30 feet from my sleeping head got all shot up one night. Kids there just recently beat the holy snot out of some kid and posted it on youtube.

    When I lived in NYC, our building was broken into and at least 3-4 apartments were vandalized. We were lucky becuase we were on the third floor and they couldn’t reach our windows easliy from the roof or the ground level. We also had a dog. My sister had her cell phone stolen right out of her hand. She tried hard to chase the kid down but he was a fast 12 year old.

    My point is that shit happens and it sucks but it crime happens everywhere even in Bethesda or my little tiny home town in Kansas.

    Sorry about the wallet and money.

  • “It’s only a problem when they enter your home without authority to do so.”

    Pickle, check out the link on my comment above. DC laws are mind blowing sometimes.

  • Julie, we just cross posted but thanks for re-posting that here.

  • While I respect the police for the job that they are paid to do I have been continually let down by the DC police when it came to actually performing those acts reliably. I understand that in a city this size the police can’t be everywhere at once. However, the only time I see the cops in our neighborhood is when they pick up take-out from the derby and then scuttle off somewhere with higher property value. I feel for you hipchick, that sucks (no if’s and’s or but’s), yet I doubt that the police will be able to do anything for you other than provide the executive authority necesary to secure those subway surveliance tapes. I have a friend who got her purse lifted from the Chinatown Hooters on tape, by an employee, and the management knows names and addresses, all the appropriate actions were taken by the victim and yet the police have been trying to ‘crack that case’ for about 4 months now…

  • I’m really sorry to hear about your wallet, hipchick. What a pain. And that sucks to have the race issue brought up in front of your daughter, of all things.

    I think I have to agree with previous posters, though, who have said this isn’t really a class or urban vs. suburban issue, and more that some kids suck, and some adults suck, too. When I was an undergrad at GW, my roommate’s boyfriend’s friends came to a party we threw and stole a very nice camera of mine and a third roommate’s wallet, managing to charge hundreds of dollars at a Starbucks before she canceled the card. These were white privileged kids who were asshole enough to take advantage of our hospitality and steal from us. I guess the difference in the suburbs is that the lower population density, cars versus public transportation, just means you run into these people less often. But these incidents do make me question whether to trust other people, and that is really unfortunate.

  • Of course they were black. Poor people commit (street — we can talk about Wall Street and the Bush Administration later) crimes and most of the poor people in this city are black. You want to get ripped off by white people, head up to one of those dying New England Mill towns (my kid just did time in Worcester) and you can lose your wallet to someone with a shamrock tattoo. I’m sure there are some nice meth pockets in West Virginia, too, so let’s hope that nobody is failing to connect crime with poverty, rather than race.

    So, being a good liberal, hold tight to the idea that the best hope for you and for these kids — or the ones that will follow, anyway, is good schools and job opportunities. Oh yeah, and ending the cycle of crime, poverty and illegitimacy? Ever wonder why so many middle class African Americans moved out of the city? To get their kids away from the kids who did this to you.

    And, for all the indisputable “society is to blame” behind this, some of these kids need and deserve a 2×4 across the bridge of the nose more than anything else in the world. A lot of adults deserve a lot more. You can be a liberal and believe that sometimes ass needs to be kicked. Might be a better city if more liberal did.

  • “The society of late twentieth century America is perhaps the first in human history where most grown men do not routinely bear arms on their persons and boys are not regularly raised from childhood to learn skill in the use of some kind of weapon, either for community or personal defense – club or spear, broadsword or long bow, rifle or Bowie knife. It also happens to be one of the rudest and crudest societies in history, having jubilantly swept most of the etiquette of speech, table, dress, hospitality, fairness, deference to authority and the relations of male and female and child and elder under the fraying and filthy carpet of politically convenient illusions. With little fear of physical reprisal Americans can be as loud, gross, disrespectful, pushy, and negligent as they please. If more people carried rapiers at their belts, or revolvers on their hips, It is a fair bet you would be able to go to a movie and enjoy the dialogue from the screen without having to endure the small talk, family gossip and assorted bodily noises that many theater audiences these days regularly emit. Today, discourtesy is commonplace precisely because there is no price to pay for it.”

    definitely not a subscriber to samuel francis’ philosophy as a whole, but he does have a few tidbits that, when taken as a general idea and not a doctrine (sort of like the bible), seem pretty astute.

  • Irving Streete is right on the money. I taught in Barre, Vermont back in the ’70s, and the kids were as “street” as any young’un you’ll encounter in this fair (and unfair) city.
    I think it’s fair to say that I am much further left than most of the regulars who comment on this site. Having said that, I, too, think that social justice and an occasional swat upside the head are sometimes needed…

    PS. Christopher, this is more of a “Southern” town than you might want to believe.

  • Any black Americans on POP?

    Would you change your strongly held political views if a black teenager stole your wallet?
    A latino teenager?
    A rich white kid?

    Gotta Love the DC bloggerati.

    If I reacted the way “you people” do whenever one of “you” does me wrong, I might as well kill myself.

  • Anon1, do you have a link to any official news release on the tax credit? I couldn’t find anything on the DC.gov website. Thanks!

  • I’m not attacking you because your wallet was stolen, but because you think Bethesda or anywhere else is some kind of magical fairyland. Jane Fairweather has had stuff stolen at her open houses.

  • Anonymous Coward:

    And “you” are (if not, by your presence in the comments section a member of the bloggerati by your own definition)?

    Anyway, I stand by the 2×4 across the bridge of the nose for all races and ethnic groups. And the rich white kid should have their BMW stripped and left on cinder blocks, too.

  • Anonymous, I am black.

  • It always amazes me that someone would change their political views because they are a victim of a crime.

    Neither republicans nor democrats want crime. At some level, the party lines disagree about the most effective way to combat crime (e.g. draconian enforcement versus dealing with root causes), and perhaps to some degree on the purpose of deterrents (punishment vs. rehabilitation). But the reality is the parties are not very far apart for the most part. We all want enough police on the streets to deter and catch crooks. We all want violent criminals to be punished harshly.

    So why would being a crime victim suddenly make you change teams? Why would it make you change your opinion, presumably one you’ve formed over a long period of time, about what the best way to deal with crime might be? I support certain policies because I think they work better than others. I was mugged, and it was unfortunate. But it certainly didn’t have any effect on my ideas about the best way to deal with the problem. Nor would voting for someone different result in that guy getting caught.

  • Coward, maybe you’re not physically assaulted, verbally heckled, called a “fag” (even if you aren’t) on a regular basis etc… Whatever injustices the white man did to you, it’s probably not as outwardly egregious and unforgivable as the above.

    “but but but a white cop pulled me over and was mean to me…” “but but but i didnt get a job, and i know it’s cause i was black…”

  • Jamie, I don’t know if you were directing your comment at me or just in general or even if it was in response to one of the above comments.

    In any case, as I said above, I am NOT changing or even questioning my current political affiliation.

    Bethesda a magical fairyland? I certainly didn’t say that.

  • I have changed my socio-political views on the basis of crime and criminals. I used to believe that city kids turned to crime because of the lack of opportunity. Now I see serious, daily criminals in families where one or two siblings are successful college graduates- EXACTLY like the criminals in my hometown of… Bethesda. In fact I learned there is almost literally NO DIFFERENCE between bad actors who are white from Bethesda or who are from Mt Pleasant. The cops in DC 100% treat the local kids MUCH BETTER than the MoCo cops treated kids in Bethesda or the PG Cops treated my white friends at UMD. The main drug dealing kid on my block in DC has been picked up by the police half a dozen times THAT I SAW WITH MY OWN EYES and probably half a dozen times I haven’t seen. He has never been prosecuted for possession or anything else- he gets charged and no-papered. My friends who got picked up with minimal possession amounts were ALL prosecuted in PG County. I know for an absolute, incontrovertable FACT that African-American kids in my neighborhood are treated better by African-American cops in my neighborhood than I EVER SAW in the suburbs. These kids are picked up and not prosecuted. I was picked up several times for things like accidental trespassing on county property (playing basketball at night when the park was closed, running on the high school track on the weekend) that shouldn’t even be crimes, but I was forced to go before a judge because the county prosecutor automatically prosecuted all juvenile “crimes.” The judge let me off with a warning each time, but I was prosecuted. The 22 yr old on our street had cocaine possession and he never saw a judge and the US Attorney refused to answer my phone calls or letters asking why?

    Anyone who thinks that DC criminal kids have it rough is ignorant of their neighborhood. they have it the easiest of all kids in the area and there is no arguing what I wrote because this is just factual.

  • Anonymous “it’s probably not as outwardly egregious and unforgivable as the above. ”


  • Jane Fairweather has had stuff stolen at her open houses.

    Awesome, she used to be friends of ours before she got “Famous” in the 90s.

  • Also I challenge the concept that it “Can happen anywhere.” Any student of statistics or someone who has access to a map of crimes in the area knows that there are areas with higher concentrations of crime and lower crime convictions. On my parents’ block in bethesda the last known break-in/robbery was around Christmas 1977. The last domestic assault was around 1986. The last reported left from a yard was around 2002. My parents had their lawnmower stolen in 1997. There has never been a violent crime reported on the block, besides domestic assault and that one break-in from the moment the houses were built in 1958 to the present. There was a con artist requesting donations around 1979 that my parents called the cops on and he got arrested. Several kids were picked up for stealing change out of cars and a kid around 1984 was arrested for stealing license plates. No muggings, no vagrants bothering you, no one sleeping on the sidewalk, not one single murder, nothing like that. Now, knowing that since the place was a farm until today there was no mugging, no stranger assault, nothing like that, do you really want to tell me that “it can happen anywhere?” really?

    No. It DOESN’T happen everywhere. It really does not. The proof exists that it does NOT.

    The area of Bethesda is probably comparable to Northeast DC, give or take some acreage. Anyone want to compare the murders in Bethesda in the last 50 years vs the murders in Northeast? What, maybe 100 murders in Bethesda in 50 years?

  • I think everybody needs to just chill out for a minute.

    poor pop. trying to make a funny headline and turns everyone rabid.

  • i got mugged the other day, and at that exact moment in decided to change my vote from obama to mccain.

    i think it makes sense.

  • Neener, don’t you see that the “kids have it easy in DC” more because the cops and other members of the legal system are busy with larger problems than because the they are somehow magically benevolent or enlightened here in DC?

    I grew up in the burbs too, and the cops were on all the teenagers like white on rice. It was annoying and kind of funny in hindsight. There was just not much else for them to do beside pester and arrest kids for loitering.

    Anyway- it doesn’t mean that cops here are “treating kids better” here- it means that they’re ignoring them. They don’t have time for them. From a big picture perspective, I fail to see how that is “treating them better.”

  • Oh god. This is so out of hand.

    Let me just say, to the extent that I may have personally made it sound like I was somehow blaming HipChick for what happened to her, let me please reiterate that I did not mean that. I really did not. The teenagers were in the wrong. If found, I think they should be prosecuted.

    I think everyone, including me in my first post on this thread, is reading a lot more into this than was intended. And it’s not right for me to tell someone how to react to crime any more than I felt it was right to be told how I should feel about street harassment, back when we were having that big conversation.

  • “No. It DOESN’T happen everywhere. It really does not. The proof exists that it does NOT.”

    Of course not. Population density, and socioeconomic factors primarily determine crime rates. Montgomery County is the 7th richest county in the entire united states. Of course crime is significantly less than in DC.

    But crime certainly exists in MoCo.


    If you want to compare DC to Bethesda, then compare it to DC’s 2nd district, which is demographically probably very similar to Bethesda. Wow! No homicides in 2007!


    Regardless, anecdotal crime reports on a single street don’t mean much. I lived in Mt. Pleasant from 1996 to 2006. In that time I only heard of one house break-in on my block. But nobody would claim that Mt. Pleasant is as safe as a suburban street in Bethesda.

  • Oh wait! Lest that be read that I said ‘thank you’ to Nate for voting for McCain…

    Thank you, Nate, cause that made me laugh.

  • I completely understand the feeling of violation. I had my laptop stolen from my room when I first moved to dc (i had roomates…but who knows where the thief came from). You definitely feel violated and disrespected. But as easy as it was for you to cancel your credit cards, it was easy for me to realize that it was just a material possession. (Though if they managed to steal my sweet 16 ring…I would probably hyperventilate..)

  • Hey, Hipchick, I’m really sorry about your wallet getting stolen. I would just note that moving to Bethesda isn’t going to help you because this crime occurred at your work, not at your home. I have a lot of difficulty quantifying why Capitol Hill’s crime seems worse than other areas (such as Columbia Heights, where it’s probably worse in both absolute and per capita terms).

  • I agree that the reality is that it could have happened anywhere.

  • Neener, don’t you see that the “kids have it easy in DC” more because the cops and other members of the legal system are busy with larger problems than because the they are somehow magically benevolent or enlightened here in DC?

    was I suggesting otherwise?

    I agree that your interpretation of what I meant by “Treating them better” is bad, but I’m not sure I meant it more than the kids were not punished.

    In the case on my block the cops picked the kid up and his friends bragged that the prosecutor “no-papered” him so he never had to see a judge. the beat cops will pick the kids up, and I’ve even seen them roust some kids (you know, bust them for nothing and yell at them about where the drugs are stashed before letting them go). The fact is that there are documented cocaine possession cases and the kids serve no time, where a friend of mine got in a bar fight and fled the gang while being chased and she got 9 months in jail. Cocaine dealers in DC are getting let off without any trial.

  • UPDATE 10/30/08-A good Samaritan fished the much picked over wallet out of a Metro trash can and called me. Ironically, I discovered that the easily replacable items were the credit cards and driver’s license, so it was nice to get what was left back. Now I can do my taxes without completely pulling my hair out (my check register was in there and when I closed the ‘stolen’ account, my online records vanished…good system, Wachovia).

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