Where Is The Best Bar In DC To Watch Football?

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I think Solly’s at 11th and U may be a good choice. There is also a place in Cleveland Park that also has awesome prosciutto sandwiches called Cleveland Park Bar and Grill on Connecticut Ave. What’s your favorite spot?

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  • I like the sports bar in the Hyatt downtown, around 10th and H I believe. They have good food for a sports bar, tons and tons of TV’s, get all the games, and a fun game day atmosphere with rowdy packs of cowboy and redskin fans (and a DJ who plays songs after big plays, so it may not be for everyone).

  • The Pour House! 🙂

    You actually need to leave DC to go the best sports bar in the area though…the Crystal City Sports Pub is awesome and metro accessible! I would high recommend making the trip sometime to check it out.

    I’ve been to Solly’s for hockey games and that is usually a good crowd.

  • The best place to watch a game is at Byrd Stadium in College Park. Go Terps!

    I’m not a big fan of sports bars, though two places come to mind (and I’ve never been to Nellie’s).

    1. Greene Turtle at Verizon Center. It is really a horriblie horrible bar. The food is terrible and I really don’t like it much, but it has a ton of good TVs and plenty of seats around each for optimal viewing.

    2. The Library over in Brookland on 12th St. NE. Again, this place is horrible. It’s like the worst college bar you could imagine. But again, lots of TVs and in this case its never crowded and they get ESPNU, unlike those of us who are stuck with Comcast.

    Honorable Mention: espnzone (too many people), and elephant and castle (better for soccer and the seating is disappointing).

    If it’s a big game that matters a lot, the best place to watch is in solitude on my couch. Otherwise, being with friends home or away is better than a bar.

  • espnzone might be the worst place for a game. the layout isn’t bad but it is soooo crowded and even more expensive!

    you’re right though…my favorite thing to do is have folks over or head out to a friend’s and watch the game.

  • I watch my football at Solly’s. Being a fan of an out of town team, it’s necessary to go out to watch the game most weeks, and I love Solly’s tater tots and $3 tall boys.

  • My living room. (smile)

  • If you’re a Browns fan like me, Lucky Bar. Packed with 200 Browns fans every week, trivia contest, other games on the small screens, Brownies on the giant screen.

  • Chewy, I agree, the Sports Pub in Crystal City is a pretty great place to watch games, esp on the top floor. There are so many tvs and the steak bites are pretty tasty 🙂

  • Momo’s on U St between 13th & 14th. Tons of screens, decent food, definitely worth going.

    Also, for a bit of a classier experience, try upstairs at Mark & Orlando’s on 21st & P. Very good bar food.

    I’ve never been, but I am sure Nellie’s draws a fun football crowd.

  • Thanks for this post PoP. I have lived here for 2 years and other than the the Hill bars, haven’t found a good spot to plant myself for Saturday and watch 5 games, eat wings, and drink several pitchers. Nellies looks like it may be the best set up in town- has anyone been there? Is it a mixed crowd?

    Also, very random question….does anyone know if there is a N.O. Saints bar? Longshot, but a fan can dream, right?

  • Nellies is pretty mixed on gameday. 50 / 50. I’ve even seen a baby in a high chair.

  • if you really want to focus on a college game but still want to go out to meet friends, bar louie is good – huge tvs, and empty during the day (last season, anyway), and tasty fries.

    GO DAWGS!!!!

  • Buffalo Billiards in Dupont is alright. They can be pricy and a bit annoying, but watching the Olympics there was a lot of fun. The second Michael Phelps came on the screen everyone at the bar dropped what they were doing to watch (and chant “USA”). It was sort of awesome.

  • I don’t know I like Nellie’s but it’s a bit expensive drink/food-wise to make it an every weekend kind of place to watch a game, for me at least.

  • I have never been to Nellies but my boyfriend insists that you pretty much have to be gay to enjoy watching a game there. Can anyone who has been there let us know what they think? Would my straight bf feel really out of place there or not? I really want to go, but I need to reassure him he won’t be the only straight person there!! You were all talking about it being a mixed crowd in an earlier post, but I wasn’t sure if this was what you were talking about.

  • in cleveland park there is CP tavern or whatever its called these days. they have a roofdeck. And Four Ps or Four Feilds or whatever its called these days is fun to watch skins game on the big projection set up.

  • Your bf sounds like he has self esteem issues.

  • Gee, thanks for the insight Kalia – I’m just trying to be honest here and get a feel for the bar. But yes, some straight men may feel self conscious walking into what they percieve as a gay bar, unfortunately. I’m just trying to gain a little knowldege about the bar from others who have frequented it – that’s it.

  • Hey some gays feel self conscious walking into Nelllies . When I have been there it has been mostly gay/lesbian but clearly there were straights there also. There are some mixed gay/straight teams (like the Washingotn Renegade Rugby team) that hangs out there.

    Give it a try…you can always leave!

  • If you are Michigan State Spartans fan the best place is Cap Lounge on Penn. SE. Great food and drink specials and great people.

  • I bring my straight friends to Nellies for trivia. There’s no question it’s a gay bar, but it’s friendly. And they have Allagash on tap! Mmm, Allagash. u st girl is right about it being expensive, though.

  • Watching a Skins / Cowboys Game @ Hooters on 7th St is always a trip.

  • Thanks Herb and Sheepy!! I’ll be able to deal with the expensiveness since they serve Allagash – Best. Ever.

  • Iliveinshaw/Sheepy. I don’t know what Allagash is but let me know when you go if you are buying…

  • Second vote for Momo’s. It still is going through growing pains but provided hands down the best environment for watching the NBA playoffs last season. I imagine the same will hold true for college football.

  • Well, it no longer exists but the best sports bar in DC was Mr. Day’s in between L and M and 18th and 19th st. Hasn’t been around for 8 or 9 years (wow, that makes me old) The Mr. Days in Clarendon is a sad imitation.

  • MMM yes Nellie’s does have Allagash on tap, had some last night at Drag Bingo, but it’s $7 – a bit much for me. Love it and all, just not the most affordable place to watch the game, in my opinion.

  • I just got this in my inbox today, and I know, its Arlington, not DC, but either way you can still take advantage of the specials if you want.

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