What’s The Scoop on Napolean in Adams Morgan?


Looks like they have a great outdoor dining area here. What’s the scoop here? Is this a brunch place, a restaurant, a bar or all of the above? What’s the scene? Is it high falutin? How’s the food? Anyone strongly recommend it?

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  • Good food..pretty much the same menu as their sister restaurant cafe bonaparte in georgetown. With that being said, the last time I went there for brunch (about a month ago or so), it was just about the worst restaurant service I have ever received in the city…..we waited forever to have our order taken, food took a long time, order got screwed up, never got asked how things were, and the bill was f*cked royally….but good food.

  • Eh… I wasn’t too impressed by the Sunday brunch that my girlfriend and I went to a few months back. I’m a huge fan of patio seating, so perhaps that make a difference, but the food was pricey and mediocre and the worst part was the service. They seemed way overstaffed and incredibly nervous with a manager barking everyone around. Yucky. Maybe things have changed.

  • I’ve been for dinner twice. It was good both times, not too crowded, good food, good service.

  • I’ve been for brunch repeatedly and appreciate that they have virtually the same menu, more tables and friendlier staff than at Bonaparte. It’s a great place to wile away a sunday afternoon catching up with friends or alone cause they bring you your food, refill water and coffee glasses seamlessly yet don’t harass you to hurry eat, pay your bill and get out. I highly recommend it, the food is yummy and moderately priced.

  • also , they have a downstairs room bar room/dance floor and they throw parties and have movie nights but as far as I know they don’t have a hardcore bar scene nightlife. It looks high falutin but it’s not. Being there let’s you feel cosmopolitan without having to stick your nose in the air.

  • The service makes it a terrible restaurant, but at night it’s an ok bar.

  • I just went there actually and I wont be going back despite it having a nice outdoor section and good beers. The food was totally blah. I had the Duck and I am a Duckaholic more or less and I didnt want to finish it. Even the onion soup wasnt all that and I never met an onion soup I didnt like. Im an easy man to please but wasn’t with this place. If you cant pull off great food you should lower the bar and present yourself as a more relaxed french place with sandwhiches and stay open late night like that place that used to be in Gtown where the 5 guys is now.

  • Well, if 5 Guys took its place, perhaps that wasn’t the best model 😉

  • touche but I think they sold and moved vs failing, and mark my words someplace else will be taking Napoleons place if they don’t get their act together. bleh. still cringing. Had to order two more leffes than I would have had I not had to force down the food.

  • This is the third bar that has been at this intersection in the last 7 years. This is probably the best version. Drinks are expensive but good, decent food too.

  • generic and uninspired. bring on the 4th place in seven years.

  • based on the yelp.com reviews i don’t think i’ll be going there.

    by the way, all of you need to use yelp.com to check out restaurants and make choices – it is awesome

  • Eric I am guessing you are a yelp contributer? no offense but I find Yelp reviews to be about as helpful as a kick in the nads. And dont they pay you guys to write those reviews too? Everytime I have checked yelp i find that the food Sucks and is Amazing and that the service Sucks and is Amazing. Never a helpful hint or decent description.

  • saf

    Anon – the place in Georgetown, A Pied Du Cochon? Yeah, they sold and retired, having closed their other place down the street that I have now forgotten the name of, several years before.

    On Napoleon – haven’t been yet, because I have heard that it is just eh, both food and service. I find that sad, because I do so love crepes, but the prices are too high for me to try it with those reviews.

  • Yes! A Pied Du Cochon. fond memories there. they didnt card and I had my first plate of snails there too. And you hit it on the head with Napoleon. You will not get what you pay for.

  • I review for yelp and no one is paying me. A friend of a friend knew my nickname is Zagats and asked me to do it for fun. I don’t disagree about the reviews being all over the place, but no one is getting paid. Or at least I’m not!

  • I went to bar downstairs back in April. They specialize in champagne cocktails…if you will. I’d liked everything I drank. Also, the food was a mini-menu of petit-plats. I ordered the steak frites and enjoyed it. Haven’t been back since because parking is always a bear in AM.

  • I haven’t been in a while, but last time I was there the food was tasty and the service very efficient and friendly. We were there on the tail end of brunch, though, maybe 1 on a Saturday, so they weren’t very busy.

  • I’ve been to Napolean for brunch twice. I love the crepes, and the potatoes they serve as a side are absolutely delicious. I though the service was good. I would recommend this place for brunch, but I have heard that dinner is overpriced and the portions are small.

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