The Monstrosity On Upshur and New Hampshire Evolves

DSCN1667, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Well, they built a wooden back stairway. And mowed the lawn. But it’s been pretty slow going. Anyone think it’ll ever be completed?

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  • Ah, the New Hamphsire Folly! Love the masonary work. Just a little better than what I could do!

  • I live pretty much right behind this place…. the other day my husband was walking home during lunch and a group of kids broke out a window right in front of him… like it was no big deal….. just breaking a window….

  • Hmmm, the window breaking is a little disconcerting. That was all the rage in Columbia Heights about three or four years ago. I hope it’s not going to recur here in Petworth.

    As for the monstrosity, it is hard to believe but it looks worse than ever.

  • I wonder who the developer is on this project? I wonder if he has run out of money. that is a sure sign when you see such shoddy construction work that takes too long to complete. One thing is for sure: I would not buy a condo or rent an apt from whoever is developing this place.

  • Permits, permits, permits – where are the permits?

  • Is it possible that maybe DCRA cut the grass? If I remember correctly that wooden deck has been there for a while now. I am thinking maybe this place has fallen into some legal issues. If I lived close by I would contact DCRA and alert them to the issues and find out what they know/are doing about it.

  • saf

    Julie – was that window breaking a few weeks ago, on the Upshur St side? Or are there multiple broken windows?

  • Monday on the Upshur street side. I guess there are either multiple windows broken or they were throwing rocks at the window that was already broken knocking out more glass.

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