Multiple Fire Alarms At DC USA Mall?


A reader writes: “This was Saturday at 2:45 and is the fourth this week, though that’s through the grapevine. We waited 30 minutes to get back in. WSC users were livid.”

Are people noticing lots of fire alarms going off at DC USA? Anyone know if it is the alarm malfunctioning or ruffians pulling the alarm?

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  • I dunno about multiple occurrences, but if true, my money’s on the culprit being an East-Side Starbucks employee waging economic war on the West-Side Starbucks. I was down in that vicinity on Saturday, intending on checking something out at Target, saw the insanity and figured I’d grab a latte and wait it out. Apparently that was the thought of everyone… The Bux was packed to the gills.

  • Yes, it is a problem. I’ve been in the building when the fire alarm went off, and we had to evacuate. I’ve also seen it being evacuated several times while walking past. Clearly, the fire alarms or smoke detectors are set to too high of a sensitivity level. Not only are the constant false alarms annoying, and disruptive to the businesses there, but it calls away the fire department from more pressing matters, like real fires.

  • Yea, I was there as well and had to wait on the sidewalk for eternity. The alarm went off a few times, so it seemed like they might have a problem with the settings, then again, I’ve heard rumor that it may be shoplifters hoping for an easy exit with merchandise. There’s some discussion on the CH News forum:

  • This is why I’m glad for the cooler weather. I can swim and jog outside sans worry of fire alarms while swimming, showering, changing etc.

  • I saw a guy near the fire control room say to another guy leaving the control room, “Bring me an asprin or something, this shit is giving me a headache.”

  • An alarm had just gone off when I went there last Thursday around 5:30. Had to wait awhile before I could go back in. So that’s two for that week at least!

  • I was caught in the same situation a few weeks ago. We waited outside for almost an hour until they finally let us back in. But then every other business immediately opened EXCEPT for Target, who’s employees I could see goofing around in the Starbucks, clearly enjoying not having to do any actual work! Target didn’t reopen until almost 30 minutes after the rest of the businesses had reopned.

  • I was in the Staples store when the alarm went off. No one evacuated, but that’s fine by me, so I could finish my shopping and then leave. I like that the DCUSA is close to me, but it’s always a zoo when I go there, fire alarms or not!

  • When Gallery Place first opened their fire alarm would go off quite often. I guess it’s a NEW building thing.

  • I’ve heard from the WSC employees that it happens a couple times a week. They think it’s kids messing around.

    Last time I was in the pool. That was fun.

  • I think this was definitely the 3rd one last week. My spinning class got off to a late start on Wednesday due to a fire alarm during the previous class.

    My money is on the unsupervised, ill mannered teenagers with nothing better to do who hang out there. The place has been open since March and the fire alarm “situation” didn’t really get to be a problem until the last 2-3 months, which seems about when school let out. Coincidence? I think not.

    I was really not impressed by all the Target employees loitering in front of my apartment building on Saturday, goofing off during the whole incident.

  • I was there this Saturday when it went off and the Target employees sent me (with a huge stroller and 3 kids) and a women in a wheelchair down the elevators to get out. Isn’t that the last place your supposed to be when there’s a fire? I had to ask a Best Buy employee to help me lift the stroller down the flight of stairs to get out the front exit. If this is happening regularly, you’d think they’d be able to do a better job of evacuating people safely and quickly.

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