House of the Day: Deluxe Edition

DSCN2153, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know this is outside of my normal stomping grounds but this is one of my all time favorites in the city. It is located near the National Cathedral. I think it is ridiculously cool. But I had a girlfriend who used to say she imagined hobbits lived inside…

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  • No, I think for hobbits you have to go see the Smurf house that’s just over the Western Ave line. Shoot, I can’t remember the street. It’s something French-ish. Given that it’s in Maryland, it’s probably way out of blog territory, but a must-see for bad house enthusiasts.

  • Growing up right over the DC line in MD,I’ve seen this mushroom shaped house that Hipchick speaks of. It’s pretty crazy

  • you also need to go see the round house in Brookland!

    let’s see…of course, there’s already a pic online

  • Very rich hobbits who lunch with Vernon Jordan and summer in Tuscany.

  • GeorgiaAve, did you read the comments on the flickr pic for the round house? Four months ago someone made a hobbit comment. ha!

    Odentex, I enjoyed your tattoo comment and thanks for the inspiration to do the Petworth House post.

  • That house is truly the nicest house I’ve ever seen in DC. It’s absolutely beautiful. Lehrer from McNeil Lehrer lives on that block I think. or else it’s McNeil. The guy who’s still alive, I had to give him some stuff there once.

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