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I think I’ve shown this one in the past but it is so extraordinary I wanted to show some detail. I think this is probably one of my top three favorites in Columbia Heights. And to the commenter who dislikes DC rowhouses – I suggest you pay closer attention. Many of the rowhouses in Columbia Heights are equally phenomenal. Detail of this home after the jump.


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  • I guess the comment was directed at me.

    The rowhouse is ugly and over. The floorplan is painfully jammed up and reeks of shotgun shacks where every doorway leads to the back door as rooms are layered front to back. I spent a week in a suburban community of 100 year old Victorian houses and from that point on I knew the lie of the suburban tract house was just that. I woke up and said, these sidewalks are filled with annoying drinkers and the houses are jammed too close together and it’s just bad. When I got not one, not two, but seven good nights sleep because I didn’t hear the neighbors make any sound because our houses weren’t attached and there was no sidewalk for jerks to wander down drunk at closing then I realized how bad the rowhouse concept is. And I mean, what, Victorian houses don’t have enough architectural flourishes? 1950s modernist houses aren’t artistic enough?

    Connected houses? Boo!
    Sidewalks? Boo!

    That’s the only way to live and it took me 5 years of living here plus one summer of travel to recognize it.

    So let’s band together to tear up the sidewalks and plant grass and trees.

  • Don’t move to New Orleans – the city is filled with shotgun and camel-back houses… which I absolutely adore! I can’t wait to retire to good old NOLA and buy a beautiful little shotgun house.

  • I love row houses, not only due to the often incredible details in their construction, but because of the community feel. I’m in Petworth, so things are a little quieter than Columbia Heights, but I like being part of a community, and I like having neighbors right next doors. Perhaps my walls are a little thicker, and my next door neighbors are quieter than most, but closing the windows is all it takes for a little peace and quiet. But I rarely do it, because I’d much rather listen to the two women down the street, who like to sing incredibly beautiful songs from their front porch. And I like to hear it when one woman calls across the street “hello Grandma,” and the woman, walking on one of those sidewalks, says “hello darling!”

    p.s. I come from one of those isolated houses – and taking care of all that lawn sucks! I love instead the small flower gardens PoP keeps taking pictures of.

  • Neener, as I said, go back to the “quiet suburbs” then. I hear they’re really “in” right now…

  • Red, it sounds like you have a nice block. When was the last time someone shot at someone on it?

    For us it was June 30.

    You got a rare one, don’t think it’s how the rest of DC is. The people I live around are awful awful people and it took me 5 years to admit that to myself and to stop rationalizing.

    People… stop rationalizing and admit what you know to be true. You’ll be free of the shackles of Seinfeld and Sex in the City. It’s ok to admit that people who drink on the sidewalks are dicks.

  • There are tons of areas in DC made up of beautiful rowhouses like this one that aren’t crime ridden and vice versa, areas of single family homes that are. If you’re neighborhood is so terrible you can move or actually try to make it a better place. Complaining on a blog post about a picture of cool looking house does nothing.

  • don’t feed the troll

  • City life isn’t for everyone.

  • Neener: fair is fair, I actually missed what I was aiming at on June 30th, so it doesn’t count.

  • Complaining on a blog post about a picture of cool looking house does nothing.

    ahem, I was called out by the author.

    What I suggested to the audience was to rip out sidewalks and plant trees. That’s a constructive goal and “does something.”

  • Haha, ripping out the sidewalks in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city and planting trees will only offer the drunks more shade!

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