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  • Those are cool, but I’d settle for ANY kind of bike racks here in DC. I find myself locking to parking meters, street signs and trash cans more often than not. Especially near the new DCUSA compound and in Georgetown. Wasn’t DCUSA supposed to put up racks? They have hundreds of car parking spaces that go unused – it seems absurd that there’s a huge shortage of bike parking there.

  • Looks like that dude under the umbrella is trying to talk that bike rack chich into giving a… nevermind.

  • Thanks for the link PoP – I love the fact that NY is both promoting bike racks AND public art at the same time. If only you could chain your bike up to one of those globes, or cows, or pandas that keep cropping up in cities all over the world…

  • Panda-shaped bike racks would be AWESOME

  • Good God. I was with a friend trying to lock up his bike before a movie. A security guard chased us from right in front of the Chinatown Regal Cinemas (in that little alley) all the way to the bike rack at Rosa Mexicana: “Can I lock it here?”, “No!”, “How about here?”, “No!”. My friend was trying to lock it to trash cans, street signs, lamp posts. The security guard said he wouldn’t promise the bike would be there when we got out of the movie if we didn’t lock it to a proper bike rack. Really just made you want to drive the four blocks.

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