You Know It Might Be Time For Home Repairs When…

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you have to write that your house is occupied on your mailbox.

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  • Wow. That’s just incredibly sad.

  • What’s sad is a house with no mailbox! Not expecting to get a letter from anyone, ever….

  • There was an article in the WaPo recently about vacant housing in DC. Folks who bought a house received a massive prop. tax bill from DC becuase it was assumed the house was vacant (ie. a DC govt. drive “byer” didn’t see blinds in the windows, etc). Now the buyers have ridiculous mortgage payments becuase their loan holder paid the DC bill and upped their payments. DC is non-responsive and they new owners are left holding the bag. (For the love of Pete, have blinds/drapes in your windows and a light on at night!)

    I saw another bit recently (can’t remember where) about a couple who bought a place in DC and receive no mail becuase their address doesn’t exist in the big, USPS address log. They are trying to remedy it… that may be their place!

  • This house is on R street between 13th and 14th.

    I’ve lived in this area for over four years and usually pass by this house on the way to whole paycheck. This house looks completely abandoned and in total disrepair. So that’s why i think the owner wrote that the house is occupied. Also, that message popped up about three years ago. Which completely surprised me since I thought the house was abandoned and still looks abandoned. I wonder if the neighbors have any details.

  • Thank you SG, trying to do what you suggest. Getting the permits – will that lower the tax rates or do you actually need a COO?

  • According to DC Real Estate Tax Records for 1315 R St NW, the property is coded as vacant and now has an outstanding balance of $24,666.04 Tax Due. Tax Assesment Value is >$1M. Address given for the owner is in Silver Spring, MD. Property could end up on Tax Sale list. Public Information obtained from DC.GOV.
    DC.GOV Information on Vacant Property:,a,3,q,625194,dcraNav_GID,1691,dcraNav,%7C33420%7C.asp,a,1330,Q,609710.asp

  • I walk past this house almost every day on my way to work…it is rather…unnerving. And there is always a huge flock of pigeons on the front porch.

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