Methods to Keep Your Lettuce Free From Vermin?


I noticed this garden had a can and some aluminum foil type paper surrounding the perimeter of their garden. I’d never seen this before. Does anyone else have some tips on how to keep their garden vermin free?

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  • I’ve been told that dried blood (which you can buy at your garden store) sprinkled around the perimeter of your garden will do the trick. The one time I tried it, years ago, the smell was so horrid that I decided I’d rather have the critters.

  • If this method works I’ll try it.

  • FYI – dried blood is also a fertilizer. I have used it on my roses, though learned that my dogs like eating it. So, be warned.

    I have also heard that human hair in a stocking will deter deer and perhaps other critters. Of course, you have to be willing to save or lose enough hair to make a good sized ball, which frankly I find kinda gnar.

  • to Gilahi – I tried this before as well and I found that the squirrels just jumped over the offending line of defense and still devoured my lettuce…and you are right about the odor.

  • I’m sorry I sympathize with trying to save your veggies from animals, but this is really really ugly.

  • Last year’s food garden was gross thanks to our “Alley Cats” – a tilled garden = feral cat litter box! No more food-growing for me… I don’t think the can and bags would deter squirrels or rats, just birds who aren’t big greens eaters anyway.

  • That looks like one of Doc Brown’s failed experiments prior to stumbling into the concept of the Flux Capacitor.

  • Just get a dog, that’ll keep the vermin away.

  • I would personally suggest a mixture of carrot and stick variety… Provide bird/corn feeders away from your gardens to draw birds and squirrels away and hope they like the availability of your feeder rather than your planter (I wouldn’t worry about drawing additional pests.. they are already there). If that fails, CAREFULLY place traps around the perimeter of your garden (I’ve stepped on my own rat trap before) and hope that the convenience of the trap food outweighs your crops.

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