I Guess It’s Official “NOMA” Really is the Name of a Neighborhood


Anyone like this name? Are they trying too hard to sound like a New York neighborhood? It’s growing on me. I don’t think there will ever be a neighborhood name as cool as Petworth but this seems to be a good effort.

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  • I live in NoCo, but I frequent SoPet.

    The reason they need to call it “NoMa” is because people get shot in places called “Eckington,” whereas nobody gets shot in places called “NoMa.”

  • sorry if this is dumb, but why NOMA? what is the MA?

  • Kalia – MA is Massachusetts. Personally, I think the area is way too North of Massachusetts to retain that name – it stretches all the way up to Florida! Which makes for some confusing U.S. Geography. Stay in school, kids!

  • I live north of Otis St. Can I call it “Notis”? Or how about just “n?t”? (Kalia, I believe the “ma” is Massachusetts Ave).

  • What defines ‘Capitol Hill North’ exactly? Anything north of Maryland Ave. and east of North Capitol? I don’t get it.

  • mass ave. nevermind. if it were maryland it should be called NOMaD or something like that.

  • Thanks everyone! 🙂

  • NoMaD!! Awesome. Best neighborhood acronym ever.

  • Hmph. No such place. Really, the BID should take pride in the neighborhood they represent and reclaim the historic name, not use this made-up wanna-be-NYC crap.

  • Ugh, I agree with saf. It’s like when I started hearing people say “CoHi”. This isn’t New York and attempts to act as if it is are just pathetic.

  • agree w/saf. the original name of that area was swampoodle.


  • Swampoodle! Love it!

  • you can’t tell me there is a name cooler than “Swampoodle.” agree x3, this is DC dammit!

  • I think NOMA is fine. It increases my property value. I live in said Eckington, you know, the place where people get shot.

  • whats a BID? can we all start with one initial spelling out of everything before we convert to the acronyms?


  • the origin of SoHo is interesting enough, in London it’s a sort of goof on the fox hunting call: So Ho!

    In NYC everyone used it to describe South of Houston, and that’s kind of clever.

  • It’s also the name of the New Orleans Museum of Art… And their website is http://www.noma.org


    (btw. the real NOMA has an awesome Rodrigue exhibit right now.)

  • speaking of new orleans, i think petworth, being east of georgia ave should be called eage (ee-gie), which could fondly be referred to as the big eage! mardi gras themed block party in the works as of now!

  • When you say NOMA-you could also pretend that you are pronouncing Nomar Garciaparra’s first name with a Boston accent….

  • haha yay, the Big Easy! I love it!

  • Could we call everything under Colorado Ave SoCo??

  • NOMA = rebranding for gentrifiers

  • actually swampoodle was just the very southern section on NoMa.
    otherwise, the neighborhood of NoMa never really had anything and wasnt called anything.

    its all new buildings kids. its all newness, for good or bad, the history of the land and people plays no part of what this place or is going to become. despite its structural reference to Soho and Dumbo, at least its a new word for new times and not some dredged up reference to DC’s more comfortable caucasian past.

    Further up north capitol, people are trying to dredge up the finer italian legacy and legitimacy of the the area.

    perhaps someday, we’ll just clean the slate entirely of that inconvenient chocolate city.

  • My friends have started referring to my neighborhood (Columbia Heights) as CoHi.

  • While Adams Morgan nicknames are generally annoying, I like “The Morg(ue)”

    CoHi makes my stomach turn. I always just call this place “the hood”.

  • Does this mean I can call Manor Park MaPa? I kind of like that

  • Have you all seen today’s CityPaper yet? If you want to make up new neighborhood names, that’s the way to do it!

  • This is all ridiculous real estate marketing crap. We should bring back old DC neighborhood names. My favorite is ‘Murder Bay’ – now called Foggy Bottom. That City Paper article is great btw: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/display.php?id=35763
    I’m waiting for the princeofNotyetworth.com site.

  • I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned AdMo yet (well I guess I just did) or am I the only one who’s used/heard Adams Morgan referred to as AdMo.

    I also like to call it “cesspool of popped-collar douchebags, homeboys and hoochie mamas” but that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

  • A few more possible options for Petworth:

    SoMi (South of military/missouri)
    We-NoC (West of North Cap)

  • oh damn, this one is right in my wheelhouse. i hate this name. hate it hate it hate it. call the neighborhood swampoodle. it’s too cool a name to consign to the dustbin of history!

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