Another Cool Spot for a Morning Cup of Coffee and PoP PSA


This is a great a spot. Of course I still need to do my PoP Public Service Announcement. So, I will: We have one more month before the mosquitos go absolutely crazy. So for the next month this is a great coffee spot after that it’s time to bust out the deet and that may flavor the coffee in a less than appealing way.

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  • Why only one month? This’ll be my first DC summer. You’ve got me real worried about the biters.

    Any tips for keeping them out of my house?

  • my backyard already has tons of them… worst.

  • my roommate read that if you spray listerine on your grass and porch etc it is supposed to help…we are going to try it this summer, if it works we will let you know!

  • anonymous – you may this know this already, but it’s fundamental so just in case – mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, so if you have any around your house – and i’m not just talking a birdbath, this goes for tiny spots as well, like a cup of water or even a lid of water – dump it. after rain, dump all water. don’t give the skeeters a chance to breed in your yard/on your porch/anywhere.

  • And remind your neighbors! I am forever turning over containers in neighbors yards

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