847 Upshur Store Revealed

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This is the place next to Beveragemania. I’ve been wondering for a while what it was going to be. To be honest I guess I’m a bit saddened to learn it is going to be a Seafood & Things. I just don’t find the name very inspiring. It’s also pretty funny that they are called Seafood & Things and have a picture of a pizza. I wonder if all the “things” will be food related. I guess going vague gives one a bit of flexibility. Maybe it’ll be a nice surprise and the food will be terrific. What do you guys think of the name?

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  • I got into a heated discussion with a coworker on Friday. His Korean wife opened a deli in Rosslyn. I was excited to learn more, but he and his wife know nothing about food, about delis, and the recipes they talked about were all based on frozen food and prepared food they bought at Costco. He was really happy, but I kept pressing him for what his wife was actually delivering to the customer, and it pissed him off. But come on, any restaurant that’s opening without a specialty should not exist.

  • Lame. And my guess is the food will be too. Unless deepfried shit is your thing.. 🙂

  • Well that sucks.

    It will fit right in with the ghetto chinese place nextdoor.

  • but no one complains about Linens-n-Things…
    I used to work in Rockville near a strip mall, and people in SUV’s were constantly racing each other to be the first to shop at that store’s sales.

  • i think people are less concerned with linens and subsequent “things” than they are with what they are going to be eating only described as “things”. seafood and stuff, seafood and various, seafood and other, seafood and none of the above.

    things just doesnt really sound appetizing… like “processed cheese food” (if you have to say food in its name, you know it isnt good)

    : )

    ITS TOO HOT IN DC!!! 🙁

  • yeah, but i think ‘things’ is an accurate description for everyday materialistic crap… sheets, brooms, stationary, ink cartridges, spoons..those are all things.. i wouldnt want to eat at a place that calls its food ‘things’… i think a much more exciting name (and no less enticing) would have been ‘Sea Stuff and Other Shit’… hooray! at least then i would have been interested. and i agree with dcer, youve got to offer something new to get into the market.. just because you got the loan to lease a place doesnt mean anything, and if youre going to just offer deep fried costco crap for a big mark up, i have no sympathy for you.. is that really your american dream?

  • That sounds utterly disgusting. Sometimes I wonder if people start businesses to fail on purpose.

    Can I supersize my order of “things.”

  • what a shame – such potential for Upshur gone to waste. seems like some of the burgeoning businesses on that street that many of us would like to support are so close but just missing the mark (i.e., see recent post on Beveragemania’s frosted window glass – great store, horrible storefront)

  • i asked this once before, but am still curious- what is “ghetto chinese”?

  • Ugh. That Chinese food place next to “seafood and things” is just awful. I tried it out a week or two ago and had to throw it out. And I never throw food away. It was truly gross, though. I hear the place across the street isn’t bad though.
    And ruben, yes, “ghetto” is a noun, not an adjective.

  • Thanks, E. So that makes it ghetto Chinese as opposed to, say, suburban chinese.

  • That sounds utterly disgusting. Sometimes I wonder if people start businesses to fail on purpose.

    Can I supersize my order of “things.”


    Once I heard that sometimes people do open restaurants and fail on purpose. Had something to do about money laundering.

  • When the only redeeming quality of a restaurant is the sad clown humor value of its pathetic sign, it almost makes me hope that it *is* a money laundering front. Because good god, of all of the stock clip art in the world, why inthenameofallthingsholy would they pick a a photo of a pizza for that sign. Someone PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THAT SIGN. Ug.

    This heat and that sign has me in a foul mood.

  • You guys are lame. What is the big deal with the name?

    Hmm I bet I know……………

  • please enlighten us, shawn?

  • Which of these is not like the other?

    “Seafood and Things”



    1. Faryab

    American/Modern American

    1. 1789 Restaurant
    2. 2941 Restaurant
    3. Black Market Bistro
    4. Black’s Bar and Kitchen
    5. Blue Duck Tavern
    6. Buck’s Fishing & Camping
    7. Butterfield 9
    8. Cashion’s Eat Place
    9. Central Michel Richard
    10. Circle Bistro
    11. CityZen
    12. Colorado Kitchen
    13. Corduroy
    14. Cynthia’s
    15. David Craig Bethesda
    16. DC Coast
    17. Equinox
    18. Farrah Olivia
    19. Foti’s
    20. Grapeseed Bistro
    21. Inn at Little Washington

    1. Jackie’s Restaurant
    2. Liberty Tavern
    3. The Majestic
    4. Mendocino Grille & Wine Bar
    5. New Heights
    6. Nicaro
    7. The Oval Room
    8. Palena
    9. Poste Moderne Brasserie
    10. Proof
    11. PS7’s
    12. Ray’s the Classics
    13. Restaurant Eve
    14. Rock Creek at Mazza
    15. The Source
    16. Tabard Inn
    17. Vermilion
    18. Vidalia
    19. Westend Bistro
    20. Willow

    Belgian/Eastern European

    1. Brasserie Beck
    2. Leopold’s Kafe & Konditorei

    1. Mannequin Pis


    1. Bob’s Noodle 66

    1. Hollywood East Cafe


    1. Etete


    1. Bastille
    2. Bistro Bis
    3. Cafe Du Parc
    4. Citronelle
    5. L’Auberge Chez Francois

    1. Le Paradou
    2. Marcel’s
    3. Montmartre
    4. Montsouris


    1. Cava
    2. Komi

    1. Mourayo
    2. Zaytinya


    1. Bombay Indian Restaurant
    2. Indique Heights
    3. Heritage India

    1. Passage to India
    2. Rasika


    1. 2 Amys
    2. Amici Miei
    3. Bebo Trattoria
    4. Notti Bianche

    1. Obelisk
    2. Ristorante Spezie
    3. Ristorante Tosca


    1. Kaz Sushi Bistro
    2. Kotobuki

    1. Makoto
    2. Sushi-Ko


    1. Raku Bethesda


    1. Black Salt
    2. Hank’s Oyster Bar
    3. Hook

    1. Johnny’s Half Shell
    2. Kinkead’s

    South American/Nuevo Latino

    1. Cafe Atlantico
    2. Jaleo

    1. Oyamel
    2. Zengo


    1. Minibar

    1. Taberna del Alabardero


    1. BLT Steak
    2. Charlie Palmer Steak
    3. Lewnes’ Steakhouse

    1. The Prime Rib
    2. Ray’s the Steaks


    1. Bangkok 54
    2. Malaysia Kopitiam

    1. Thai Square


    1. Huong Viet
    2. Minh’s

    1. Viet Royale


  • Ghetto Chinese may have a lot in common with strip mall Chinese carry-out, but it has its distinctives for sure. Ghetto Chinese has wings with hot sauce on the menu. It’s not Chinese, but people like it. It also may offer steak and cheese subs. They feature mambo sauce, sometimes misspelled as mumble sauce as a condiment that one can request. The misspelling is not something I made up. It couldn’t have been made up; it was copied from real life. Though Ghetto Chinese often delivers, it also has pick up service, but you have to pay for your order through a plexiglass lazy susan or whatever it’s called. The Chinese selections at Ghetto Chinese are not fancy stuff white people from Potomac like, but Americanized menu selections like chop suey, egg foo young, etc. And there’s no attempt made to offend anyone by the terminolgy, which is just descriptive. And I eat it all the time, because I’m not in Potomac.

  • Dannie’s on Upshur is pretty good. Excellent crinkle fries. The “weight watcher menu” steamed vegetables are a steal!

  • Wait a minute, isn’t the name a take-off on Wings -n Things, which may or may not still be around?

  • I’m sorry, but I guess I just missed Shawn’s point…can anyone explain it to me?

  • Uh, i think it’s that we don’t like it because the name “Seafood & Things” is not like any of the restaurants on Washingtonian’s best restaurants list. And maybe that makes us snobs, I guess for liking good food instead of “things”.

  • oh good, hes calling us food snobs… i was worried that he was saying we were all racist!!

    *sigh* of relief

  • shawn has a point.

  • whats the point? that noone wants to eat a ‘thing’?

  • The chinese food terminology is accurate. In the suburbs we used to call them: real chinese, American Chinese and Redneck chinese.

    Real Chinese would have a menu on the wall in Chinese or at the very least, have at least one item you never saw before. American Chinese would be an “ok” restaurant with eggrolls, General Tso’s, Sweet and Sour Pork, Hunan Chicken, Szechuan Beef and Crispy Eggplant. All the Americanized Chinese food. Redneck Chinese pretty much had to have a buffet and the buffet had to have crab legs on it, or if not, tempura crabstick.

    The kind of Chinese food described above needs to be so confused and poorly planned that it offers chicken wings and steak and cheese.

    What I hate about these places is that while they exist and until they go bankrupt they take up a storefront that could be rented to a real restaurant and not something that warms up someone else’s Costco purchases.

  • “Oh no! Not another CARRY-OUT! Why can’t it be yet another organic fair-trade bistro with free yoga lessons on the weekend?”

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