Yeah, Well, Can I Loiter At Least?


I love this sign. It reminds me of a funny story from college. My senior year I lived with a bunch of degenerates but we were basically nice folks. Our (fellow student) neighbors, however, didn’t appreciate our loud music and general raucous lifestyles. So they would never say hello to us or even look us in the eye. But remember we were in college, college kids like to have fun or at least we did at The Miami University, Ohio. The neighbors would, however, frequently deposit there trash bags in our dumpster. So finally one night when they packed our dumpster I lost it and threw every single one of their bags on their lawn in a fit of rage. Ed. note: I’m a much better neighbor now, I swear. I was young and drunk you have to cut me a little slack. But from that day on, they never put a single garbage bag in our dumpster again. I’m just saying…

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  • Can I do that same thing to my neighbors who constantly put their garbage in our dumpsters (which we pay for) and then leave garbage everywhere? It’s so frustrating.

  • I too, went to the Miami University in Ohio. Never went dumpster diving though. I did see the motorcycle ghost once.

  • Believe me, the PoP’s rage remains underneath his seemingly “pleasant” exterior.

  • I went to Miami as well, and i recall having plenty of dumpster space in that little corner of SW Ohio.

  • MU Story — Girls in the house at the corner of Campus and Poplar were killing time one sunny afternoon by shooting water balloons via waterballoon slingshot at cars and pedestrians. That sounds ludicrous now, but at that place, at that time, it seemed like it was all in good fun. All in good fun, until they hit a buddy of mine in the head as he drove by. They quickly scattered and he drove to his house, half a block away. A few minutes later, they krept back outside and began firing away . . . until they saw my buddy walking down the middle of the street w/ one of those group-house trashcans filled to the brim w/ god-knows what. They panicked and fled indoors. He marched up on their porch, kicked the door in, and dumped the trashcan in the middle of their living room. He then calmly walked out the door and back down the street as if nothing happened. Looking back on it, the whole thing went down like a scene from “No Country For Old Men.” Because it was sunny day, about 100 people on front porches witnessed this amazing event. I loved college.

  • Good times PoP, good times.

  • Miami of Ohio — Ben Roethlisberger country. Right on, right on.

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