What Was That Big White Tent On Georgia Ave Just South of New Hampshire?

DSCN0014, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A number of people have written me to inquire what was going on this weekend with that big white tent on Georgia Ave. Well I spoke with organizer, Shawn Spencer, who explained that it was a fundraiser for “Us Helping Us” a non profit that provides outreach, education and mental health services for those living with HIV or AIDS. I have to say Petworth definitely knows how to rock a fundraiser. There was great rap playing on the turntables during this cookout. As I was walking away, to my surprise, I had involuntarily started busting out some vintage PoP dance moves which I have no doubt caused much laughter to those driving south on Georgia Ave. I’m just glad, as a result, I didn’t cause any traffic accidents…

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  • I drove by this Monday on the way to CH with my roommate and I said to him, “I wonder what that is, well no worries, PoP will have a post about it, I just know he will!”

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