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  • It’s a little late to sign up for a CSA now. I belong to one that delivers to Dupont Circle, but paid my membership in February

  • FYI — “CSA” stands for community-supported agriculture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community-supported_agriculture

  • The National Agricultural Library has all you could ever want to know about CSA’s and more. Once you get there, scroll down past “Introduction” to the section titled “Find a CSA Farm” for a handful of sites that help you find a CSA that delivers where you are.

  • I have to admit, PoP, I applaud that you have absolutely no fear whatsoever about making yourself look like a clueless mimbo on your own site. That sounds mean but I mean there’s a charming innocence about this blog that keeps me coming back…either that or I have a need to feel intellectually superior to SOMEbody, I think it’s the former though. Seriously, in a city where so many people are so self-conscious about at least appearing to be “in the know” your naivete is refreshing.

    For instance, rather than Googling the phrase “CSA” you went ahead and posted the link and admitted that you had no idea what it was. Had you simply entered “CSA” into any search engine you would at least know that you weren’t posting a link for someone looking for a Coalition of Sexual Abusers.

    Having been in DC for the bulk of my adult life, it’s easy to be cynical and to take things that I know about the city (or, y’know, the outside world — cough*Yes we can*cough) for granted. So keep up the, uhm, admirable work!

    (Geez, this entire response sounds condescending but believe me when I say that was not my intention.)

  • PSA – try washington green grocer. http://www.washingtonsgreengrocer.com/

  • There are just way too many accronyms in this country. CSA??? Get a life. There are not that many community agriculture supporters that you just have to create a nice accronym for it. IMHO.

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