It’s Time To Play Good Deal or Not?


I’m super intrigued about this one because it is so close to the Petworth metro. It is located at 3810 8th Street, NW. The flyer says it has 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. In the remarks it says: “Spacious and light filled…within a 10 minute walk of Petworth Metro. Many improvements have been made including upgraded kitchen and baths…Fenced in rear yard with 2 car parking…Property is being sold “AS IS” however shows well.”

Curious that they say within a 10 minute walk of metro because it’s really a two minute walk to metro if that. But anyway, what you’ve been waiting for $550,000. I know people are going to go nuts but remember how close it is to the metro. Now have at it, good deal or not?

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  • What’s up with the woodchips in the front yard? And I know from the outside things can be decieving, but how do you get five bedrooms and 3 full baths in something that size?

  • I’d love to have a 5-BR house! THat probably accounts for 3 upstairs and 2 in the basement.

    Roof looks uneven from here.

  • would look much better with the original proch and columns restored.

  • I’d say probably NOT a good deal. AS IS means NEEDS LOTS OF WORK.

    On the other hand the market seems to be turning around here faster than you can say “30 year fixed with no points.” There’s a house at the end of my street (11th and Spring) that they’re asking $799k for! Now I’m sure it’s a looker, but this ain’t no $800,000 neighborhood…


  • Red mulch is very ghetto.

  • Digging the Redskins color scheme.

    (I’m not being facetious, I really am digging the colors. I wouldn’t paint MY house that color but then again I don’t actually own a house but if I did, I would at least consider using the home team’s colors before picking something else. So uhm, yeah. Go Skins.)

  • I didn’t realize it until bogfrog said something about the roof.

    A few years back, I used to walk to the Metro. There was this one house, right at the end of 8th IIRC, that had a friggen family of squirrels living in the eves of the roof. I would see like 5 at a time come running in and out of a couple of holes. I *think* it was this house. They probably patched the holes, and called it good. I’d hate to think what is in the attic space.

    And it is like 100 yards or less from the metro.

  • It’s way overpriced or it would have sold by now as the location is pretty awesome. A couple things I noticed that were probably done by the realtor to add curb appeal which totally do not in my mind: the hideous red mulch and the plastic black fence. The other thing is when the house first went up for sale they had 3 tropical houseplants (Dracena) planted in the yard which promptly died, I think they even got snowed on. It all makes me wonder what is cheap and badly done on the inside.

  • Yeah, the red mulch – I call it Taco Bell Mulch (no offense PoP) – is very ghetto, I hate the stuff.

  • i hadn’t even noticed the randomly installed black plastic fence. ugh!

    > Price Reduced: 02/06/08 — $575,000 to $550,000
    > On Market: 93 days

    About time for another price cut, I think.

  • I’d say “as is, however shows well” is the key. Looks good, but you can be sure that your inspection will show the roof is 3 days from caving and a family of rabid squirrels has taken over the basement.

  • From the looks of it I have the same house- side by side by side duplex, and unless they expanded out the back I don’t see how it can be 5 bedrooms. Do basement bedrooms count?

  • You all beat me to the comments about the teeny fence in the ugly red bark, but I was going to say it was jaunty and made the house look cute. However, it would be the first thing I ripped out if I moved in.
    They could fit 5 bedrooms in there if they’re the same size as my third “bedroom” which would barely hold a twin bed. More like a cot-room.

  • I think the squirrel infested house might be the one next door. They did a lot of work to it over the last year which involved brick work near the roof and seemed like they were patching holes. So I don’t think the house for sale is the one that had the problems.

    Jamie, I saw the listing for the $799K house at 11th and Spring. That house is massive, and looks like it has been totally renovated. I do agree it is probably overpriced, but $700K might make sense. It’s really beautiful, tons of windows and a roof deck. If I were a lot richer I would be tempted 🙂

  • That roof is trouble.

  • Looks are deceptive. There are actually 3 levels above ground. The main floor has a smallish living room, dining room and kitchen. The second floor has a master suite and one bedroom, and the third floor has two bedrooms. The fifth bedroom is in the basement. It is in good condition overall, has a very nice kitchen, and there is a back deck and a big carport/patio area out back. Being at the metro and in significantly better shape than a lot of area rowhouses, with a lot of room, I think this is a pretty good deal for someone. Although the house next door looks like it is in very bad shape, and i dont know if you would want to live there if they ever do major renovations next door.

  • Best way to figure if it is a good deal is looking at SOLD comps in the area. Another house just sold in February that is similar (5 bedroom and 3 full baths). It was listed at $596k, but closed for $555k. Click on this link (or cut & paste) for more info:

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