Dear PoP

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2008 at 12:15 am 19 Comments

Dear PoP,

We have lived in Harlem for the past 5 years and Petworth seems like a similar type of neighborhood. Work is in the 1200 block of Taylor and we would really love to be close enough that hubby could walk to work. Also, since we live in NYC now we don’t have a car and would really like to avoid getting one.

So my question to you is with the above mentioned criteria can you suggest some areas in Petworth? It seems to be a pretty large neighborhood and I am interested in being close to the action in the neighborhood but also within the parameters listed above.

We are looking to rent but would love to buy! I am just a little nervous about the market and the move to a new area. I think it would be better if we lived there for awhile before we starting looking. Although, I have been enticed buy some rowhouses I have seen online.

Currently, we pay rent of about $1475 for a 3 bedroom, which is pretty ridiculous for NYC standards. Just from the research I have gathered that seems a little ridiculous for Petworth standards, too. Anyway, we would like to stay at or below and don’t need three bedrooms. A 1 bedroom is fine.

I am not a huge fan of “cookie cutter” apartments so something with a little charm might be nice. Last, but not least we do have a dog. He is used to apartments and not having a yard but it seems yards are more plentiful in DC so that might be nice.

One more thing.. don’t know how much it matters but we are 29 (me) and 32(hubby). He is a musician and we enjoy going out. I don’t know if there are pubs in walking distance in Petworth but that might be nice. Noise isn’t that big of deal either. We live on a pretty busy street right now. There is a post office across the street and that makes the street pretty lively.

Also, I am already used to lugging groceries/laundry several blocks, too.

Thanks again!

DC Bound

My response after the jump but of course please add your suggestions in the comments.

Dear DC Bound,

First let me say congratulations on your move.


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