Capitol Hemp Now Open


I would’ve walked right by had it not been for the phenomenal mosaic located on the stairway to the entrance. Capitol Hemp officially opened April 20th and is located at 1802 Adams Mill Road, NW #B and you can’t miss it if you keep your eyes open for the mosaic. There are also some sweet tunes that are playing from speakers projected outside the store. I had the opportunity to chat with owners Alan Amsterdam and Adam Eidinger. They told me that this is the first store in the US to be built out of hemp fiber board. Right on, I say. Artist Cesar Maxit designed the store. It is a small space but very welcoming. As I mentioned there are some sweet tunes playing and the owners and sales people are super friendly. As the US doesn’t allow hemp farming the store is stocked mainly from goods farmed in Canada. I had no idea so many things were made out of hemp but you’ll find them all in this store. There is clothing, soaps, olive oil, shoes, and even hemp milk. I think I’d have to consume a lot of the other hemp product before I drank hemp milk but that’s just me. Anyway, the store also features some cool art by an art collective called Art DC51. Speaking of art the cool mosaic was done by Jill Blankespoor and took about 10 days to assemble. In the future the store will also feature special events with DJs and art shows. Next time you’re in Adams Morgan just follow the Grateful Dead tunes to this cool shop. Photos of the interior after the jump.

Co-owner Adam Eidinger




Hemp Mustard


Hemp paper products displayed against Hemp particle board


Artwork by collective DC51


Last but not least Hemp Milk


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  • Wow…Capitol Hemp opened on 4/20….Weird!

  • Hemp milk seems really gross but it really isn’t bad at all.

  • Hemp fiber board is some of the cheapest and most sturdy material to use for building.. it’s also used as shingles and plywood. Kudos to these guys for starting an all-natural all-sustainable market for a product that is so useful to society.

  • potheads

  • alan amsterdam? that’s a joke, right…?

  • no…that’s his comic book name….he’s a sidekick to bluntman and chronic

  • Yeah, they opened on 4/20…that can’t be a coincidence. Also, they play Grateful Dead…I can’t believe it!

  • Hemp Olive Oil?

  • The first store in DC constructed entirely out of hipsters.

  • i would love to support this place, but i’ll wait until after adam eidinger isn’t associated with it anymore. dude is an attention whore….

  • What’s the over/under on number of months until a “Going Out of Business” sign appears in the window?

  • Re – Alan Amsterdam – I used to score soapbar hash off a fellow named Michael Morocco – his real name!

  • could you please correct the spelling of my last name? thanks-!

  • Well, upon visiting this store, dear POP, you missed the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT!

    for all the readers out there who are interested, this store carries products made by Phx and Illadelphia. No longer must we trudge to fell’s point to visit Doc’s!!!


    yeah, consider yourself in the know!

  • Come on guys. Why all the hate and concern? Aren’t you guys happy we don’t have to go to Baltimore anymore? It wasn’t even good service in Baltimore. We just dealt with it cause it was the only thing we had. Capitol Hemp is a great place. Very nice people. A very legit business. I can’t believe someone wouldn’t want to support local business just because of a bad experience with one person. Grow up.

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