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  • on that same note, anyone know a good contractor for a few simple tasks (walling over a doorway, removing some ceramic tile from a bathroom, and taking out a basement floors worth of cheap, glued down vinyl tiling)…


  • Call The Textile Museum in Dupont Circle and ask them who they have. I know his first name is Thomas but can’t remember the rest of his info.

  • cristobal — Try calling Jeffry at Farfan 703-499-0453. They came highly recommended by a co-worker who remodeled her bathroom (and who’s mother-in-law also used them to refinish a basement). I had them do an estimate for basic kitchen remodel tasks — removing drywall, installing IKEA cabinets, etc, and they were by far the best deal. I haven’t used them myself yet, but I plan on hiring them for the job.

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