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  • I’m slow — what’s the donation for?

  • What the heck is LEDC? I mean if I did know (which I don’t, sorry), I would its pretty darn stupid to assume everyone else does. Spell it out, will ya?

  • Latino Economic Development Corporation

  • The Latino Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1991. LEDC

  • “The Latino Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1991. LEDC

  • It’s spelled: ledcdc.org. Your Web skills are poor, padawan.

  • That part, I actually got (what LEDC stands for.) I just didn’t know what the donations were for — thought they might be for fire victims — but I’m assuming it’s for the organization. No prob, just axin’.

  • The donations will be used to defray the costs of drinks imbibed by LEDC staff.

    Just kidding. Assume they are to raise money for LEDC.

  • All the best to these folks, but I’d give anything to be able to find a tasty, affordable slice in the area. Plus, I’ve always preferred my pizza sans religion. The L.D.S. dogma infused name is more than a little off-putting to some.

  • How can you be sure they aren’t referring to this Moroni?

    Anyway, I never even heard of this angel moroni bloke until you brought it up. And while I personally don’t care what god, if any, they worship, but there is no evidence anywhere on their menu or web site of any religious affiliation or proselytizing.

  • Where is Moroni’s?

  • Joseph, Moroni is the youngest son of the owners, and his brothers are working in the restaurant.

    Hmm.. “Joseph”.. isn’t that some biblical, dogmatic name? 😉

  • INMHIIYNTYAH, its where the address on the poster says it is.. 😉 I.e. 4811 Georgia Ave. HIGHLY recommended, best consumed on site of course.

  • Who it’s actually named after isn’t really the point. Neither is the reasoning behind their choice to include angel Moroni like trumpets in the logo on their sign. The unfortunate fact is that these coincidental choices happen to bring up lots of bad feelings for anyone who’s experienced the heartbreak of banishment from an intolerant institution. Most importantly though, the pizza I had there was lacking in flavor, boring of texture, and extremely overpriced.

  • Um, can I agree here on this board that the pizza is unbelievably overpriced? They play up the 2AMYS connection, but the pizza does not meet expectations. I would have expected 18″ pizzas for the price we paid for 12″ pizzas. Should have been. Never going back again. Would be a very happy customer if we got a 2AMYS quality dinner for what we paid.

  • that is so weird about the latter day saints connection. i would never have realized that. but i think joseph may be right. i still like their pizza. i guess i’ve been in too many catholic restaurants that aren’t afraid to show it (esp. pizza joints) to really change.

  • All this “oh my god it is OVERPRICED” business I find silly. Some people don’t get why anyone would buy a $40,000 car rather than a $20,000 car. Neither do I, but I don’t complain about it. I think the pizza is great – certainly the best thing one can get delivered in Petrowth, and I’m happy to pay what they’re asking for it. And they’ve never tried to convert me or anything, but maybe that’s just their strategy. Bring them in with the good pizza…

  • Finally a blog where complaining is disdained — hallelujah!

  • Err.. I will ask about those trumpets. If that’s supposed to be some sort of a subliminal message or subordination.. then I’d be astonished. If they are religious, sad, but does not make their pizza any worse. And Michael W, I think the 2Amys connection is with Red Rocks, not Moroni & Bros.

  • I am absolutely sure that the son of the owner Moroni was named for the Mormon angel Moroni. And I don’t care. Some Mormon doctrine is really out there, strange, etc. But this is America. We can patronize an establishment or not. I choose not to let someon

  • Amen, Toby! 😀

  • I envy your ability to not be bothered, Toby. Still, for those of us who have lived through the kind of spiritual struggles that make patronizing Moroni and Brothers more trouble than it’s worth, we’ll just keep looking for a reasonably priced pie in a setting that’s flashback free. Vace in Cleveland Park, perhaps?

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