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 Is it possible to lose anything worse than this?


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  • that truly sucks.

  • is it possible to not back up anything more important than this?

  • You are attempting to be a Doctor and you don’t have proper backups in place? Sucks for sure, but you can’t feel too bad.

  • I can’t feel bad for this person. They were evicted and the person that they were paying rent to wasn’t paying it to the owner of the apartment building. That is why you should never sublet. This person should be going after the person they were subletting from.

  • Doesn’t the squatters law or whatever it is protect people from just having their stuff dumped out on the street?

  • No, people who don’t pay rent deserve to be put out on the street. The person who owns the building deserves to make a profit on the space. Free housing at another person’s expense is not a God given right. An owner loses so much capital when they have to evict someone. They have to pay movers, lawyers, and they rarely collect any back rent. Why should they have to pay to store the non paying fools crap?

  • It’s the external hard drive that he lost… so he did back his stuff up. Maybe he still has the laptop with the research on it and is just worried about someone stealing his work.

  • I think I’d be most concerned perhaps about what seems to be (from the ad) a missing Italian passport…Marco might need that someday.

  • don’t you think that if you lost “years of doctoral research” you’d post a reward worth more that $250?

  • Ouch. that’s all i can say.

  • Note that Marco was subletting, so he may have been paying rent. It was the lessor who was scamming the landlord and this sap was just caught in the bigger scam.

    Not matter, it sucks to be him.

  • As someone who is (hopefully) winding up her own years of doctoral research, it’s not like we have a lot of money to throw around.

    That being said, I think I’d try to scrape together more than that, and I also back up my work to multiple places. But I feel for the guy. I probably wouldn’t throw myself off a bridge, but I promise the thought would cross my mind.

  • housing is not a god-given right- it is a state given right. marco should definitely go after the person he subleased from. regardless, he had rights as a possessor in this city. landlords don’t have the right to throw people out without the involvement of the state- self help is illegal. Perhaps the marshalls did this but without notice and an opportunity to redeem the tenancy he most certainly was illegally evicted. Landlords who operate in dc are foolish if they don’t build non-payers into their business plan and budget. a nonpaying tenant is a business loss plain and simple but just like we don’t allow a business owner to break the knees of a non-paying customer so too should landlords have to go through the legal process to get justice.

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