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  • that’s a good sign though. good to see the city is still putting up new crosswalk signals where they’re needed.

  • That’s so funny – I went running this past weekend and had the same issue. I just figured that it’d be same to go when there was a fluid stream of cars heading in the same direction

  • I’ve asked Jim Graha about this. It’s actually trickier to know when to cross since they removed the old walk signs and replaced them with the new and imporved, but yet not functioning count down signs.

  • The best cross walk is the talking signal on 8th and Florida NW. You know, an AUDIBLE crosswalk at the gates of a DEAF university.

  • Think you might mean 8th and FL Ave NE, not NW.

  • I thought the rule in DC was you can just wander out into traffic from any point on the sidewalk like an idiot. At least that seems to be the rule on Georgia Ave.

  • Not sure if they fixed it by now but for a while the crosswalk at Upshur and New Hampshire showed the numbers upside down.

  • TheNeighbor

    Oden….no, that is only true if you have double parked. 😉
    Although I think Georgia Ave. has it’s own rules.

  • And what’s up with the parking down the middle of the Ave., in front of hydrants, and in bus stop zones on Sunday?!? I mean, if you must drive your creaky ol’ ass all the way in from Maryland (at 5 MPH) to get your hallelujah on, is it too much to ask you not to break the law? {grumble}.

  • I don’t know a major city in the U.S. that doesn’t have anarchy for parking on Sundays. Maybe New York because of its size. But really, SF, Chicago, Atlanta. Wherever. It’s pretty much just the way things work — cities don’t have Sunday parking enforcement.

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