Red Rocks Ready To Rock Winter

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Rod Rocks adds an option for the elements. Will you sit outside in a tent?

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  • The neighbors must REALLY hate them now. I hope those people next to them want to die in that house, because they are never going to sell it with RR there. It’s loud without the tarp and now it’s ugly – and probably still loud. I feel sorry for those people.

  • They couldn’t have found a tent that actually fit the frame?
    That looks like crap.
    If I actually liked the pizza there, I probably wouldn’t want to eat it inside a big baggy bubble.

  • This thing has been all the rage on the neighborhood listservs (and I do mean RAGE) — I’ve been meaning to check it out with camera. …Scooped again by the good Prince.

    Now, I’m a loyal fan of Red Rocks, but if the only way to get a seat is to re-enact John Travolta’s immortal portrayal of The Pizza Eater In The Plastic Bubble (the peak of his career, I tell you), I think the chili-dog at Wonderland would win out. With a Dragon Stout. Oh yes.

    Sorry, Rocks. I just can’t do it.

  • Why sit in a bubble at RR when you can get GOOD pizza at Moroni’s? Plus Moroni’s actually has everything on their menu in stock AND won’t lose your order when you are the only couple there for about 20 minutes and then bring you the order from another couple that just came in 5 minutes ago…

  • So this is the infamous tent? This isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be. Yes, the fit could be better, but I certainly wouldn’t avoid going there because of it. Restaurants have these sort of things all the time.
    I’d sit in the tent, provided it was heated and there was no risk of carbon monoxide poisioning.

  • Now that Moroni Brothers delivers (HEY PoP! DID YOU KNOW THAT MORONI BROS NOW DELIVERS?!?), there is absolutely no reason to go to overpriced RedRocks.

  • It’s a tarp for chrissakes!!! I can’t believe there is such a brouhaha for a friggin tarp… a friggin tarp! that will probably come down once the weather is nice. It’s not armaggedon!!! Jeebus get yer priorities straight!

    “hope those people next to them want to die in that house, because they are never going to sell it with RR there.” As for this, it’s just typical. Caring more about property values, tarps, & nimby b.s. than the actual neighborhood, jeez…

  • I don’t have a problem with it, and hopefully the fit can be adjusted over time. I like their pizza, and think it’s fairly priced. This does seem to be a bit of a tempest in a teapot.

  • Escueto, Binklesworth: I totally agree. It’s definitely not the Hideous Ulcer of Doom I was expecting. Neighbors need to chill it a bit. But as a hungry patron, it doesn’t seem comfortable. I like me some breeze with outdoor seating. Or at least not be stuck with air that’s already made the rounds in a few people’s lungs before it got to mine.

    ……and besides which: it’s probably time for me to investigate this “Moroni Brothers” of which y’all speak.

  • No biggie. Not pretty, but allows them to have more customers = allows them to make a profit = allows them to stay in business = allows me to be happy with TWO fantastic pizza places in the neighborhood.

  • moronis delivers????

  • Someone please call a tailor — this tent’s hem is showing

  • Sergio: Yes. Lil’ Gal and I were in the restaurant about a week ago and noticed a “We Deliver” sign being prepared for deployment and we were told they were going to start. Then, last Thursday we called and within 30 minutes had two of their wonderful pies at our door. There is no reason to deal with RedRocks now unless you live close to them. Moroni’s pizza is just as good and cheaper.

    I can’t believe PoP hasn’t noticed that they deliver yet. I’ve totally SCOOPED him. I should put it on my blog (but nobody ever looks at my blog, including me).

  • Maroni Brother’s is a joke. I ordered from them mainly because of all the type on this list serv. It took 45 minutes for my pizza to finally arrive and when I called after about 40 minutes of waiting I was told that the delivery person didn’t have a cell phone. HELLO! How are people supposed to know when their pizza has arrived if they cannot be called to come out to the front door – especially if you live in an secure apartment building – to pick up the pizza. So I waited outside hoping that I hadn’t missed the pizza delivery and lo and behold the pizza finally arrive only to be delivered by a 10 year old! Yes – the kid was only just growing whiskers and he was put to work delivering pizza. Unbelievable. Thanks for the suggestions PoP bloggers but I will not be ordering from Maroni EVER again.

  • Yeah, since they just started delivery this week I’d give them another chance.

  • Oden, I don’t know how you can say RR is overpriced and Maroni Bros. isn’t. I got a large pepperoni pizza there a while back and after tax and tip it was almost $18. Wasn’t even that big.

  • The pizza at Moroni’s may not be cheap but it is a much better value than RR. Moroni’s actually puts toppings on their pizza.

  • What is interesting about the discussion surrounding Red Rocks on this list, is how every time they come up, a bunch of people start yipping about how great Moroni Bothers is. Yet, as far as I can tell, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Moroni Brothers. I’m happy y’all like Moroni Brothers so much. I’ve been meaning to check it out, it sounds great.

    But guess what? It’s a fricking mile and a half away from Red Rocks. And it sure ain’t a nice walk from where I live. These guys aren’t in competition any more than Red Rocks is in competition with Alberto’s in Adams Morgan or Coppi’s on U Street – also about a mile and a half away.

    I’m glad you MoBro folks are loving the pizza so much, but could we please have a discussion about Red Rocks that doesn’t always end up with the MoBro fanboys jumping up and down about how much better their (distant) pizza place is? Red Rocks is a neighborhood joint. I don’t care how much better Moroni Brothers is (if that’s even the case) since I can walk to Red Rocks and I can’t walk to Moroni Brothers.

  • I’m a neighbor right across the street and I have no problem with it at all. Redrocks has been an awesome addition to the neighborhood, both as an additional food option and for safety reasons with the amount of foot traffic. They are NOT loud at all. I welcome the tent to keep up all their business in the cold months. There are much worse things to complain about on 11th st – Acuario, Laundromat, Chinese Place, etc.

  • I live 4 blocks from RR and I just think the tent is a cheap, ugly addition to the neighborhood even if its temporary. I am surprised so many people don’t mind it, though. I will probabl stop going there because of it. I just like to support businesses that do their best to be good neighbors, and the tent is a violation of their VA too.

  • Jamie, while to a degree agree with you, this IS a Petworth blog, and I thought (correct me if I am wrong) RR is actually in CH.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So for this blog RR is actually not in the neighborhood.. techically speaking.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Chill folks, its just pizza.

    Yuk, if they are in violation of the VA, I think you do have the right and should complain. If there is a VA, it should be respected.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Actually, while many of the posts revolve around Petworth this is not a Petworth blog. This is a Petworth, Columbia Heights, U Street blog primarily. You’ll notice I try and hit on all neighborhoods throughout the week.

  • All this complaining about the tent at Red Rocks is obnoxious. I think the tent is awesome. And I love Red Rocks. I live about 2 or 3 blocks away (more in the “Petworth direction”) and Red Rocks is a great spot to have. Their happy hour is good AND they sell Abita beer. Done and Done.
    And the wait staff is super nice. They are just getting into the groove re: running a restaurant.

  • I’ve been meaning to walk past. I live 2 blocks away, but it falls out of my general dog-walking direction. Good to finally see what the fuss is all about. It really is ugly and stupid looking, and I can’t imagine wanting to sit in there and eat.

    But Alaaro has a point– from a neighborly standpoint, there’s a lot more to complain out than Red Rocks on that corner.

    Maybe it’s a bullet-proof tent, meant to protect patrons from all the recent drive-bys.

  • Jamie: You’ll note that I did say in my earlier message that “[t]here is no reason to deal with RedRocks now unless you live close to them.” Nobody is suggesting you have a non-“nice” walk through our dangerous neighborhood. In fact, if you come up our way you are liable to get attacked by some of our vicious pee-wee footballers, half-goofy on the pixie stix I handed out to them on Halloween. They’ll play keep-away with your glasses and call you names for hours. Several of the smaller girls have already taunted PoP to tears and taken his lunch money. Enter at your own risk.

    Despite the massive amount of love PoP, you, and a few anonymous RR’s investors show RedRocks, it isn’t a “neighborhood joint” for many of us either. In fact Moroni Bros. is actually IN Petworth, unlike RR, and the only one that delivers. Many people think Moroni Bros. makes better pizza and like to say so โ€” often, big whoop, you can say otherwise. Personally, I think Moroni’s selections are a ton better than the fare provided by RR (Diavola – mmmm), but I understand some people like to eat bland food. Good on yer. So I’m sorry to spoil the discussion by mentioning a place that just as many (maybe more) Petworth residents can walk to as RR, but a natural consequence of mentioning RR is that those of us who have tried both are going to mention the better alternative.

    Pauper: the small pies are priced almost exactly the same at $9.95 to $10.95 (RR has some more expensive selections than MB, up to $12.95, but I won’t nitpick). For $2-4 more at MB you get a bigger pie (which RR doesn’t offer) with, as bonnie noted, way more stuff on it. I’ll happily revise my “cheaper” comment by saying “better value,” if you feel that’s more technically correct.

  • PoP, I know, I am just messing with Jamie – especially since he (or is it she) said that “RR is a neighborhood joint”, implying that Moroni’s is not. For Petworthians Moroni’s is more of a neighborhood joint than RR, arguably. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, my point remains: both are fantastic, and we are damned lucky to have two such great places in the neighborhoods.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This Moroni/Red Rocks war is really escalating; there won’t be any drive-bys will there?

  • Otis Gal: I’m hoping for a full-on pizza brawl. Classic food fight. Once these two businesses start hurling pies at each other, I for one, will be sitting in the middle of it all with my piggy mouth open and bottle of Golden Monkey to wash it down… C’mon, folks! THIS MEANS WAR!

  • GforGood: I certainly did not meant to imply that Moroni Brothers is NOT a neighborhood joint, just that they are in different neighborhoods. I am sure there is a time and a place for comparing the relative merits of their pizza, but it’s getting REAL old to read about how much the Moroni fans love that place more than Red Rocks — in every single post that’s specifically about Red Rocks. But I agree completely with you – these are great additions to the neighborhood (though as I said, I haven’t been to Moroni yet, since Red Rocks is far closer to me).

    oden: You just did it again. As for Moroni actually being “IN” Petworth, umm, maybe you didn’t notice but this post is actually about Red Rocks, and not Moroni Brothers?

    Let me try to put this another way. I’m not dissing Moroni Brothers. Never have. Never even eaten there. I just get very tired of reading from all the Moroni Brothers fans about how great it is in every discussion… about RED ROCKS. Guys, guess what? WE GET IT!! And guess what else? I live two blocks from Red Rocks. There are a lot of people who live much closer to Red Rocks than Moroni Brothers, just as I’m sure the opposite is true. The people who own and run Red Rocks are great, and I like both the pizza and atmosphere well enough. And the beer list too. So I’m sorry, but I’m going to go there a lot. There are probably better places in the city, but there aren’t any that I can walk to. I don’t care if Moroni Brothers guarantees and orgasm with every pizza, I’m not walking half and hour up Georgia Avenue to get one when Red Rocks is a couple blocks away.

  • Oh… “For Petworthians Moroniโ€™s is more of a neighborhood joint than RR, arguably.”

    Well, not to get into a technical debate about neighborhood boundaries and so forth, but really — Red Rocks is about two blocks from the border of Petwotrh, and Moroni Brothers is only in Petworth by nature of being on the east side of Georgia Avenue, and only a few blocks from the northern edge, too. And of course Red Rocks is much closer to the Petworth Metro station. Given that, there are probably about as many Petworthians (are you truly worthy?) in walking distance of Red Rocks as Moroni Brothers.

    So I live in Columbia Heights but I could probably spit on Petworth from my roof. Oh yes, I can see the whites of your eyes from my outpost on 11th Street. If it comes to an all-out war with my enemies to the east, I am not afraid to hock gigantic loogies your way. And remember – we have $2 chili dogs at Wonderland to use as ammunition, too. So watch out.

  • Jamie: no need to blow a gasket. I promise we won’t make you go to Moroni Bros…

    … to enjoy a much better pizza. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Oden: Nice try, but I can smell your fear. Many have fallen to the W’land dogs, so don’t feel bad.

    Or maybe that smell is the chili dogs…

  • Can’t we all just get along? Please, for the sake of the children.

  • Red Rocks is merely ok. Maroni’s (delivery problems and all) is MUCH better.

  • We tend to stroll down to Mt. P for Radius when we want pizza. Red Rocks is only two blocks from us, but the service is so bad we avoid it. Plus we think the Radius pizza tastes better and afterwards we can walk around Mt P which is fun.

    One day 11th street will look more like Mt. P Street and it will be more worth it to go there, but for now . . .

  • I agree with Jamie.

    What I don’t get is WHY people are even comparing the two joints. Yes, the word “pizza” is involved in both, but its a totally different style of pizza, different atmosphere etc. Kind of apples and oranges in my opinion.

    I like Red Rocks, and have said so in the past (but probably as “anon” ur- I mean shareholder of the Red Rocks forthcoming dynasty…)

    And the whole “value” thing? Sheesh… simply having MORE food (toppings, sauce, cheese, whathaveyou) isn’t always a good thing. I actually do “value” a minimalist euro-style pizza now and again.

    There are so many occasions for a meal in a lifetime, and room on my palate for both kinds of pizza. For this I am Thankful.

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