Washington, DC

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  1. They seem to be good at building cranes.
    Seriously, this is the slowest build. What’s the hold up?

  2. the hole always seems to take the longest…once the framing goes up the building follows amazingly fast…case in point with the Target in Columbia Heights But then you have what looks like an almost finished building and it take a million years for them to finish the interior and open it. Case in point again with the Target. And also with the Giant on Park Rd. that took FOREVER to finally open.

  3. They’ve been digging that hole forever. What are they using, teaspoons?

  4. Color_Me_Petworth

    In the amount of time it has taken them to dig that hole they have both dug and built the much bigger hole at DC USA and Algegro.

  5. At the bottom of that hole? China!

    Seriously, I wonder if the proximity to a Metro tunne has made it a little bit more difficult to get the foundation prepared. Ground instability? I don’t know, I’m just making things up. I guess two cranes is a good sign, unless it’s a crane storage facility now.

  6. I personally like to see how they hoist the tool chests above ground onto the cranes here to prevent theft. Although I bet someone would still climb up there to try…

    Seriously though, I keep looking at the parkplacedc website to see if there is any idea about when this place is finally going to open.


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