Should These Really Be For Sale?

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Yeah, that’s a pistol crossbow. Yeah it comes with metal “arrows”. Yeah, that’s a good idea.

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  • Almost as “good” an idea as letting people have guns in their houses.

  • Just in time for Christmas! This can go along with my weaponized Chia pet.

  • Just in time to defend yourself against an attacker with a taser, like the taser mugger. OR was it the other way around. Was the taser mugger not mugging but defending him or her self from a pistol crossbower? We live in strange times my friend…strange times.

  • what store is selling this?

    I’ve been looking for one of these!;-)

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Sorry I already bought it…

  • yeah, they’re legal in dc. i know folks that have bought these off the net to defend their homes, because guns are (were) illegal. just one more of the funky inconsistencies of our beloved nation’s capital…

  • one word. Rats

  • Ha, last anon’s comment about rats reminds me of a time I saw a group of three guys shooting at what I would have to assume was a rat in the alley behind the house. They were hauling off a bunch of trash and disturbed some form of animal life (rat, snake, opposum?) such that they felt justified to go in to the house and return with a PISTOL. I’m thinking, holy shit, these guys are really going to shoot off a gun in the alley in broad day light?! Alas, it turned out to be a little CO2 powered air gun so it wasn’t quite the excitement I was bracing for. Then they shot the animal, missed (or at least didn’t kill it), and all ran in to the house after said animal decided to fight back against the three guys.

    I kid you not, saw it with my own eyes.

  • Not a real good replacement though for a gun, is it? I mean, wouldn’t a crossbow be kind of cumbersome to strole around with? And you couldn’t really keep one under your pillow at night…especially if you’re sharing your bed with someone.

  • Wasn’t it a Pope (Pope Shabazz XXI?) who said when the crossbow was introduced that it was such a vicious weapon it would surely end all wars?

  • I have used these pistol crossbows. they are kinda wimpy and I wouldn’t depend on it.

  • never take a crossbow to a gunfight.

  • First they came for our Lawn Darts…

  • In my 23 quasi-wasted years in Florida, I saw many a male friend buy one of these, be it at the flea market next to the stall that sells dental equipment or at the gun show.

    Let me tell you: they break. Always and quickly. They use a cheap plastic nub on the end of the actual bow to hold the string on. This will break and will necessitate buying another new bowstring (which comes with 2 better made but still quick to break plastic bits). This of course assumes you can get the bowstring on in the first place.

    All that and the dart will hardly go through cardboard. A waste of 10$ if there ever was one.

  • You Libs! If you outlaw crossbows, only the Visigoths will have crossbows!

  • “””””GforGood Says:

    October 17th, 2007 at 10:17 pm
    Almost as “good” an idea as letting people have guns in their houses.”””””””

    OK when somebody breaks in your house what are you gonna do? hide under the sheets and say please dont hurt me as then run out of the house with your TV and your kids for ransom.

    in my situation i simply roll out of bed, grab the 000 buck off of my dresser, pop it in double barrel, and then send them out in a body bag… or runnin away pickin buckshot outta there ass hole

  • I brought my gun from GA to dc,
    I can’t wait to blow one of those bums who try to break into my home. I am presently renting 15th street. I have a Glock 9mm simiauto.

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