Go back to Columbia, MD!

Why the hell are the communist er scratch that, socialist workers of America or something like that constantly outside of the Petworth metro hawking their literature? I don’t see them outside the Dupont Circle metro or the Friendship Heights Metro or any other metro except the Petworth metro. Now, you guys are far smarter than I am. So please tell me. Is Petworth filled with Socialists? Now don’t get me wrong I like the Socialists as much as the next guy, I am even quite fond of the Socialist French Presidential candidate so I don’t really know what I am complaining about. I guess it is could be worse, how do you spell Lyndon LaRouche?

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  • I guess they’re lazy- you’ve noticed the socialist bookstore right by hte entrance, right?

  • That’s awesome. Do you mean the socialist Internet cafe/store? Where is the bookstore?

  • They used to be at Dupont all the time, and they had a bookstore in Mt Pleasant.

    Of course, in those days, the Revolutionary Communist Party still had a bookstore in Adams Morgan.

  • I’ve seen them outside the Giant in Columbia Heights. I imagine they think that CH has the right mix of low income minorities and idealistic young professionals to be a ripe breeding ground for socialists looking to change the world.

    Personally, I’d rather be recruited by a party LESS ridiculous than the Democrats and Republicans, not more.

  • Don’t forget…. LaRouche was the one who in the 80’s during the initial AIDS scare wanted to round up all AIDS patients and put them into concentration camps, er, detainment facilities. He’ll always be a total piece of sh*t in my book and I gladly tell this to the naive college students who approach me peddling his propaganda.

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