Yellow Line! Hath my eyes deceived me?

I was on a walkabout today to see what trouble I could get into and trouble I found. But this is the good type. After walking the town a bit I decided to get on the metro at U Street to go to Pentagon City, when I notice that beautiful yellow stripe at the top of the metro sign. And sure enough the yellow line arrived in one minute! I couldn’t believe it. I have been dreaming of this. Well, I did my errands at the mall still flying high about the new yellow line stops when I head back into the metro assuming I can take the same yellow line back. But no, on the return trip the yellow line stopped at the usual Mt. Vernon Square. WTF? That is the biggest tease I have faced since Tania. But worse. I expect to ride the metro every day…wow, my mom reads this so I have to watch my analogies.

So what the hell? Is the yellow line going to stop at Petworth metro or not? I’m confused, somebody help me, please.

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  • The Yellow line will, in fact, be going all the way up to Fort Totten–you must have just landed on a fluke train (that used to happen to me all the time on the red line going toward Shady Grove). I’m not sure how long the pilot program is supposed to last, but enjoy it while you can!

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha! sorry but I think we’ve all been screwed by metro at least once, in the same manner in which it got you today….”will it be stopping?…..Why is it not stopping?….am I on the wrong train? No. WTF?!?!?!”

    -feelin’ your pain,


  • The Yellow Line extension only works during non-peak hours (aka NOT during rush hour). So WMATA is still holding the underprivileged Green Line riders back in a way.

  • Golden Silence is right. The Yellow Line only runs to Fort Totten during off-peak hours. So only between 9:30 AM and 3 PM weekdays, after 7PM weekdays, and all day on weekends

  • I think that the yellow line issue is a more frustrating than Tiffany. Those 80’s teen stars were such teases. Her and Debbie Gibson. So in order of teases: 1) Yellow Line, 2) Tiffany, 3)Debbie.

  • Ah, that was it. I got back on during rush hour. I guess one out of two ain’t bad? But gosh that really is a tease. What the hell is the purpose of non rush hour extension? Very dissapointing but I guess a good start.

  • I assume the logic is that the waits are longest in off-hours.

    PP has six readers? who knew?

  • Good point Jimmy. As for the popularity of the blog all I can say is that last week it was the fourth most frequently hit blog from DC blogs. Which I guess is not saying all that much. Now I’m sad, thanks a lot.

  • Don’t fear, your snappy blog title will keep luring readers in!

    Re the metro, the off-peak situation is related to total # of trains in service at a given time. There are not enough yellow + green-designated trains to run more of them during rush hour, per the WaPo. We would need to buy more trains for this to take place.

  • PoP are you looking for investors, I want to get in early before you blow up like the Huffington Post. Fox news will probably come after you since you are in DC, fox does not have an active blog platform like yours. Keep up to good work!!

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