From the Nationals:

“On Tuesday, June 15 against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Chef José Andrés will throw out the ceremonial first pitch as part of World Central Kitchen Day at Nationals Park. To pay tribute to their incredible philanthropic work during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nationals will host the staff and volunteers of World Central Kitchen during Tuesday’s game and have a special pregame ceremony to highlight their efforts. Read More


via @chefjoseandres

Important update: “And the gift certificate if for people that are vaccinated starting tomorrow, ok?”

Thanks to Ashley for passing on from Chef Jose Andres:

“Ok! We want everyone vaccinated! Starting tomorrow, until we reach 70% of total population anyone that comes with vaccine papers,that proves that has been vaccinated will get $50 gift certificate for any of @thinkfoodgroup restaurants in the @washingtondc area…” Read More


From Jose Andres: “I’m announcing that On election date I will set up a water, food and restrooms support system to help people standing long hours on a line, on the different States that may have a problem handling voters!”


Since March 16, 2020, we have provided 15,000 nutritious meals to D.C’s most underserved populations. Starting today, Meals For The City will be powered by @WCKitchen and @ChefJoseAndres. They’ve created a model to transform restaurants into community kitchens to bring people back to work; they’ve served over 3 million meals to vulnerable communities and frontline workers across the country since this pandemic turned our lives upside down.⁣ Moving forward, we’ll serve 15,000 more and we will get through this together, one meal at time.”


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