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photo by kristenstake

“Dear PoPville,

Can we get a PSA regarding voting in DC? I’m an election worker and it’s been very quiet this week–probably because of the absentee ballots, but we’ve also encountered a number of people who don’t know some things about how easy it is to vote here. Notably: Read More


Thanks to Michelle for sharing. I can confirm that I’ve been getting similar hauls on the daily.

It’s crazy every time I think I know who I’m voting for I get a flyer and I’m like, oh wow, I’m gonna vote for them. I have great conviction and confidence in that decision. But then I go for my afternoon constitutional and pass some lawn signs and the confidence of my earlier decision is shaken to the core. And to make matters worse the next day I get a whole new batch of flyers, shattering my previous day’s decision once and for all.

T-14 days to Primary Election Day: June 21, 2022. Choose wisely: Read More


“Dear PoPville,

I have been curious as to who has been selling our cellphone number data to DC political candidates. is it DC government?

I get 2-3 texts per day, don’t you?”

And Katie asks: “DC folks question: How do I opt out of ALL text campaign spam from @councilofdc candidates? I text back “stop” but they are not stopping.”


“Dear PoPville,

I love walking around the city as my primary form of exercise these days. I am seeing a LOT of businesses still boarded up even though they are open. Given the conjecture that we are likely past the point of destructive behavior related to the election, and hoping that we don’t have more unrest, does anyone know if there are ANY mandates around restoring business and storefronts to BAU (Business as usual)? It looks horrible and is definitely not what we need as we go into the holiday season.


Photo by slowmoe

From AP:


The Associated Press declares Joe Biden the winner of a grueling campaign for the American presidency. He will lead a polarized nation through a historic collision of health, economic and social crises.”

“President Trump is now the first incumbent president to lose reelection since George H.W. Bush in 1992.”

Photo by Haley Bates

Hilary reports: “fireworks in CoHi”

Alison reports: “I hear yelling, honking, and cow bells in Columbia Heights”

Salamone reports: “up in Mt. Pleasant, mood is jubilant. People are honking their horns and screaming out windows. Applause across the neighborhood.”

Jennifer reports: “Cheering & clapping & horns beeping in Woodley Park #DC. And there seems to be a marching band?! Joy for Joe Biden being President-Elect!”

Kelsey reports: “All the cars on RI Ave are honking to celebrate” Read More


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