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From the Mayor’s Office:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Tax Increment financing (TIF) funds – totaling over $50 million – and broke ground at the new Northeast Heights, located at the Minnesota Avenue, NE and Benning Road, NE corridor in Ward 7. Northeast Heights is designed as a destination location to include mixed-use development consisting of new and reimagined retail, dining, and residential spaces. A primary anchor of the development is the relocation of the Department of General Services (DGS) headquarters, to be located at 3924 Minnesota Avenue, NE. Mayor Bowser was joined by Ward 7 Councilmember Vincent C. Gray, representatives from Cedar Realty Trust, the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, Asland Capital Partners, Administration officials and members of the community.

“With this project, we’re using all of the tools in our toolbox – our DC Government leasing power, over $50 million in TIF funds, and we’re in an Opportunity Zone,” said Mayor Bowser. “With an assist from DGS, this development will bring new opportunities, new jobs, and new amenities to the residents of Ward 7. We look forward to when the construction is done and when we can cut a ribbon to what will be a remarkable asset to the community.”

Northeast Heights is part of the Mayor’s East of the River leasing strategy that includes using District government buildings as a catalyst for economic growth in communities currently experiencing underinvestment and needing retail, including grocery stores. Through this partnership between the District and Cedar Realty Trust, approximately two million square feet of the corridor will be transformed to revitalize and boost the Ward 7 economy. The project will include a new full service supermarket and over a hundred affordable housing units. Read More


2001 S Street, NW

Thanks to all who passed on from Glen’s:

“I wanted to reach out to share some news that impacts our relationship. Do not fret, my friends, you’re not going to lose your neighborhood grocery store (the team made it through the pandemic safe and sound), things are just about to change a bit around here — for the better, ultimately. I’ll be leaving the company (in excellent hands) this summer.

As you know, I opened Glen’s Garden Market on Earth Day of 2013, because I’d given up on Congress and knew we could make more climate progress together than they would in the meantime. And over the course of nearly a decade, we’ve made a whole lot of progress — one bite at a time. We put the environment first in our decisions, from the products we supported together to our careful waste streaming practices and our joint efforts to eliminate food waste. We launched almost 100 local, sustainable food companies of which over 60 were founded by women and more than 20 are owned by people of color. Our space often felt more like an activated community center than a grocery store. In short, we did what we set out to do.

As I began reflecting on what it meant to step into the last year of our first decade (which we did on Earth Day), three realizations set in: (1) we still have a lot of work left to do, (2) I needed to do everything in my power to hold my team together, and (3) I needed to position the store to thrive indefinitely — for our producers and for you, our community. However, our lease expires next summer, and for a series of reasons, I wasn’t going to be able to renew it.

And so, last month, I sold Glen’s to a long-time independent, specialty grocer with one other store in the area, who sees the world the way I do. Read More


5100 Wisconsin Ave, NW

In December we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Rodman’s had added a Cafe to their grocery (and whatever you want to call the awesomeness that is downstairs.) Now they’ve posted a liquor license placard that says:

“A new class D Restaurant located inside of a full-service grocery store serving breakfast, lunch and pastries. Seating capacity of 56, Total Occupancy Load of 87 and a Sidewalk Café with 56 Seats.” Read More


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