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J. writes: “Car crash westbound Benning Rd at 17th St NE this morning. Looked like everyone got out, but there were a couple ambulances headed that way after I passed.”

DC Fire and EMS reported: “Crash with vehicle overturned 17th St & Benning Rd NE. #DCsBravest on scene with 3 patients who self extricated. All require EMS transport for injuries.

And thanks to L. for sending the carbque from Riggs Road, NE: Read More


3:45pm on canal road photo by Andrew Dawson

From DC Fire and EMS: “#DCsBravest on scene with fully involved vehicle with fire extended to brush as result of a 2 car crash. All fire extinguished. 1 minor injury being evaluated. Operating with 2 engines, Truck, and Battalion Chief.” Read More


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