“Is this legal?”

“Dear PoPville,

Over the last month+ I’ve noticed an embassy at Connecticut and Kalorama has regularly engaged a security detail to stop right-of-way traffic on Kalorama allowing a stream of vehicles to exit their private parking garage all heading in separate directions, not a motorcade. Is this legal?”


Ed. Note: For those who know about other options for Turkey or Syria please leave info in comments.

Thanks to all who’ve written: “The Turkish Embassy on Mass Ave is accepting donations (clothes/over the counter meds) for the earthquake victims. I just dropped some off and it wasn’t busy, unfortunately. No signs up, just ring the buzzer and they will let you in.”

and “I read on the Turkish embassy IG page that they are collecting blankets, coats, formula, diapers, feminine products, etc for the earthquake victims and Turkish airlines is flying the goods overseas. The embassy address is 2525 Massachusetts Ave NW for anybody that can provide in kind donations!” Read More


Umm, you good?

I get it’s an embassy property and all but can’t say I’ve seen this before. Maybe just get a taller fence if you’re that concerned? Pretty low double razor wire coils right on Tilden Street, NW on the way to Pierce Mill and Rock Creek Park: Read More


photo by Richard Brundage

“Dear PoPville,

I’m looking for a way to meet people (I work from home and am cautious about Covid) while still being outdoors. Do you know of any groups in the area that meet somewhat regularly (walking, hiking, etc.)?”

Some previous hiking recs in comments here but please add current options below. I think REI do group outings?

“The European Union National Institutes of Culture in Washington, DC (EUNIC DC), presents Mountaineering Day at the Embassy of the Czech Republic on September 24, 2022, from 10 am to 2 pm. Read More


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