Washington, DC

Caption Contest Time

I know this is a family blog but it’s been a minute and many of us are on shutdown so have at it! Thanks to Aviella for sending. Your captions on the comments and free PoPville t-shirts to the winners. Upvote your favorite and I’ll pick one too.


Thanks to Nicollette for sending yesterday:

“Still looking to find out the reasoning behind this bright yellow metro car that I saw this morning at L’enfant.”

Will tweet metro but anyone happen to know? Caption contest while we’re waiting to find out!

: It’s the money train – that was fast! Though I think they should use a more subtle color to move money around…


Photo by National Mall and Memorial Parks

Not quite a possum in a liquor store but still…

In case you live in a cave or were kicked off twitter – this is surely the greatest post from the National Mall and Memorial Parks, from Sunday:

“Look who decided to take a ride on the bus! Take the DC Circulator National Mall Route around National Mall and Memorial Parks. It’s only a dollar! Spotting wildlife is not guaranteed…”


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