September 3-6 Coronavirus Data Posted: 56,569

Friday there were 55,918 total positives.

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From the Mayor’s Office:

“The District’s reported data for September 3-6, 2021 includes 587 new positive coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and 64 backlogged cases, bringing the District’s overall positive case total to 56,569.

The District reported no additional COVID-19 related deaths. However, the data has been updated to report a previously life lost due to COVID-19.

72 year-old female

Tragically, 1,163 District residents have lost their lives due to COVID-19.

Below is a summary of the District’s current ReOpening Metrics.

COVID-19 Surveillance
September 6, 2021

Total Overall Number of Tests: 1,884,064
Total Number of DC Residents Tested: 571,673*
Total Positives: 56,569
Total Lives Lost: 1,163
Cleared from Isolation: 34,985*

*All data are preliminary and are subject to change based on additional reporting

Hospital Status Data
September 6, 2021

Total ICU Beds in Hospitals: 345
ICU Beds Available: 67
Total Reported Ventilators in Hospitals: 440
In-Use Ventilators in Hospitals: 149
Available Ventilators in Hospitals: 291
Total COVID-19 Patients in DC Hospitals: 99
Total COVID-19 Patients in ICU: 21
Total Patients in DC Hospitals (COVID and non-COVID): 2,045
Percentage of pre-COVID Hospital Bed Capacity: 87%

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