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2602 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to Margot for passing on the sad word from Salon Roi:

“Friends, it is with mixed emotion that we share this with you! Like millions, we have been struggling for over a year now to keep our DOORS OPEN, while operating 20/30% of our normal capacity and Income. We have done a good job following all the COVID rules to the “T.” AFTER ALL THAT, we were not successful in negotiating a new LEASE. So, like many long-time businesses in Woodley Park, we are forced to close the doors of Salon Roi after 52 years in the same Building.

So, June 30th, we will be leaving Our MARILYN MURAL behind, as we all pack our styling carts and head to SALON ROI (#2)

located in THE ELIZABETH Arcade, 4601 N Park Ave. Unit 15-C, Chevy Chase, Md 20815 (301-652-4601), a short walk from Friendship Heights Metro.

We offer FREE PARKING,and hopefully soon, VALET PARKING. We will have maps for you. We promise to bring Marilyn Photos, and maybe a Picture of the MURAL on a Sandwich Board outside our Doors. You must know, none of this is possible without ALL OF YOU, THE LOYALS OF SALON ROI, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! This “TONSORIAL FAMILY” is moving together with COURAGE, HOPE and LOVE. (prayers accepted) We will not forget your loyalty to us. Faithfully, THE SALON ROI TEAM (on a humorous note, you could say, FOLLOW THE CROWN, CHARLES the FIRST, SALON ROI, SALON ROI @ THE ELIZABETH) much love & caring

Roi Barnard via Facebook

and so I tell you, I am just too YOUNG to be SAD! I learned how to turn “SAD into GLAD” a long time ago. The love pointed in my direction from all of you and again today at CCCH, has my GLAD BUCKET overflowing. So much LOVE, I just found out that the Film Company “MAMMA’S BOYS” with Gail Springer Wagner and the entire Film Crew will resume filming the DOCUMENTARY OF MISTER, are YOU A LADY, on June 5th. It will happen at ECLIPSE BISTRO in Wilmington, De. where I wrote the final chapters at the bar. Mr. Joe and I were frequent visitors to ECLIPSE from 1996 until his departure in 2015! Since those chapters were about the Finale of our journey together, I needed to be there to go deep. In life, it is important to go deep, especially as we age, it gives you more room to breathe new life, new ideas and a BRAND NEW SALON ROI. My Angels are busy, know that I love you)”


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