Washington, DC

Photo by Diane Krauthamer

Sarah writes Saturday:

“This is a long shot– but I’d love to reward and/or thank the person who found my wallet today (5/22) on 17th street NW. They saved my life! My eight month old threw my wallet out of her stroller when I wasn’t looking.

If they’re interested in a reward, monetary or alcohol or coffee or tea– let me know which restaurant it was turned it into and I’d be happy to buy them a drink or Venmo them. If they’re uninterested in a reward: THANK YOU! They saved this tired new mom a lot of heartache.

Thanks a million.”

Ed. Note: If you’re the good samaritan above please email me at [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch.


Sophie writes: “To the woman at Safeway in CapHill DC, who saved my ass when I was flustered and then of course my grocery bag broke! She instantly gave me her reusable bag. THANK YOU!”


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