Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

My husband and I bought a new condo last year and construction seems to be wrapping on the whole block-long property. Our unit is next to an unpaved area and on our purchasing documents, it says this area is a public alleyway. Does DC have stipulations for what a public alleyway entails? I would assume that it needs to be paved…which it is not.

From conversations with a friend of mine that used to work in construction, he said that in his experience, the contractors make an arrangement with the city to pave and create public alleyways in the area when they purchase the land (I might not be getting the verbiage correct but the emphasis was there!). If this is accurate, where do we find those plans with the city?

I want to hold our contractor accountable if this is something that was supposed to be done. Any tips or suggestions?”


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