Washington, DC

1940 9th Street, NW

From DC9:

“For the last year and a half, the dance floors of DC have been silent, without a single birthday party in sight. Here at DC9, we understand the importance of having your annual throw-down, and invite you to party like you just turned 21. Every Friday and Saturday night for a month beginning June 11, YOU’RE INVITED to “THE LOST BIRTHDAY CLUB,” a place where time doesn’t exist, and everyone understands that “getting back to normal” means outrageous, pop-music forward birthday parties.

Revel in your birthday moment- which is everyone else’s birthday moment- with party hats, cupcakes, a DJ who will actually listen to your birthday requests, and a midnight happy-birthday singalong. You don’t have to tell the bartender that you need a special drink since “it’s my birthday,” because it’s everyone’s birthday, even the bartender’s!

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that all of the uncelebrated birthdays of the COVID pandemic mean that none of us actually aged for an entire year? And did you know that if you skip too many birthdays, one day you’ll do what the bad guy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade did, and get SUPER old in a matter of seconds? It’s all true, but let’s consider your attendance at the Lost Birthday Club to be your inoculation against aging. It’s a booster shot (or a Jameson shot) for better days ahead, and we’ll be waiting on the dance floor with all of your best friends. See you there!”


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