Washington, DC

Photo by Duluoz Me

“Dear PoPville,

DC’s list of low risk states hasn’t been updated since May 2, and therefore doesn’t include some states that meet the criteria. I would like to travel with my family to New Jersey, where the average cases per 100,000 is currently at 5, but New Jersey isn’t on the list of low risk states, which means that when I return,

I’ll have to keep my unvaccinated kid out of school for three days and then make him get a COVID test before he can return to in-person learning. But DC’s low risk state list would allow me to fly with my unvaccinated kid to Louisiana, where the average cases per 100,000 is at 9, and fly back and have my kid in the DCPS classroom on Monday morning no problem. Any word on when they are going to update the list?


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