Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I desperately need some help. DC tax office sent me this notice attesting I owe them about $4,200 for the 2017 tax period however I never worked or lived in dc that year (only lived in dc April-dec 2018). I spent 3 hours on hold last week waiting to talk to tax rep with no luck. I emailed them my 2017 tax return early last week with no response. I printed 42 pages of my 2017 to walk in the office however walkins are closed and the building security said no one has come to that office in a while. Adding insult to injury,

JUST last month I sent DC a copy of my 2019 tax to prove to them I did file for 2019 (i filed in md, not dc, I lived in md every year except part of 2018). They threatened to charge me $2,400 if I didn’t provide proof. But again, I don’t live or work there. This is becoming exhausting and I really don’t know what to do or where to turn. I was lucky enough to land a summer internship in California so I’m leaving the state for 2.5 months on May 21st, so time is not in my side. I’m desperate!!”


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